Am I therefore become your enemy for telling you the truth?”

The Apostle Paul   Galatians 4:16

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Debate:  Was There An Historical Jesus?  

Dr. Richard Carrier & Mark Smith  -vs-  Rev. Doug Hamp & Dr. Dave Lehman

October 23, 2014   Huntington Beach, CA  

My short presentation begins at 28:26  (28 minutes  26 seconds)  

Videos of Mark Smith

Debate:  Does The God of The Bible Exist?  

Below is a video snippet of a December 9, 2009 debate held in Costa Mesa, CA, that I was a part of.  Dr Bruce Flamm,  Alex Uzdavines, and myself  –vs–  Dr. Hugh Ross (Astronomer), Dr. Clay Jones (Apologetics professor from Biola University), and Dan Grossenbach.  One highlight of pure evilness is Dr. Ross stating that BibleGod burning Atheists in hell for all eternity is actually a GOOD thing for the Atheists. Yup, he actually said that. Amazing.

In The Beginning  

If you’re on a quest for truth in life, the very first three chapters of the Bible, from the Book of Genesis, contain enough bullshit to stop reading the Bible right there. It is obvious that the Bible is a man-made book and that no gods had a hand in this crap.  Here is a video of a PowerPoint, it lasts about 21 minutes.  


Perfection Prayer & Personal Experiences    

This is a video of a PowerPoint to show YOU how to show CHRISTIANS, via their own  Bible & common sense, that:  


Majoring in Minors-  History & Theology as “Evidence”      

This is my contribution to a debate held in Villa Park, CA on 5/5/2016. My main point is that Christianity is testable on several emphatic claims made in the New Testament (such as healings- amputees disprove that one), and that we need to start calling bullshit on these claims. We also need to hammer home the following point to Christians:  The best evidence FOR a miracle IS a miracle.  

The screenshot below is taken from the full debate, which can be found on TheGoodAtheist YouTube channel, listed as  “Debate #24: Does The Bible Prove Christianity is True?” Bill Zuersher and myself debated Bill Federer (“The American Minute”).



Christianity Does Not Work as Advertised

Debate at Orange Coast College on May 16, 2017.  Myself and Bruce Gleason (www.BackYardSkeptics.com) debated Nick Keehus on the proposition “Does God Exist?”.  

Christianity Does Not Work as Advertised.pdf