Am I therefore become your enemy for telling you the truth?”

The Apostle Paul   Galatians 4:16

The Incoherent Logically Impossible

Self-Contradictory God of the Bible

  Mark Smith     Nov 2015     JCnot4me.com

Some things are just plain impossible:  a square circle, a totally dry wet sponge, or freeform jazz being anything other than irritating. Likewise impossible is the existence of an actual being living up to all of the contradictory “god attributes” described in the Bible. Needless to say, anything that is impossible to exist we can safely say can not and DOES not exist. So if the Bible describes its god as being a perfect circle, but elsewhere describes it as being a perfect square, what the Bible is describing does not exist. Having two or more attributes in the same being that are mutually contradictory produces a fairytale nonsense being, one that is incoherent, logically impossible, self-contradictory, self-exclusionary and meaningless as in  “can not exist in ANY universe”. Is BibleGod such a being? Below are examples that show he is, and prove that the only place the God of the Bible exists is between the covers of a Bible.  


Attribute of God: Benevolence   

Benevolent basically means being nice, well-meaning and kindly.To be benevolent is to be humane, compassionate, caring, loving, kindhearted and tenderhearted. To be omnibenevolent means totally so. As the Oxford English Dictionary puts it, “unlimited or infinite benevolence”. When you think of benevolence, think of Christmas time with its “peace on Earth, goodwill towards men”.

BibleGod is ALL Benevolent   

The famous preacher Rev. Charles Finney pointed out in 1843 that

“God is benevolent--infinitely so… not benevolent at one time, and selfish at another, but forever.”(1)  

The God Christians advertise is ALL-benevolent, 24/7, and never anything BUT benevolent, as the actors in the Christian movie “God is Not Dead” kept reminding all with their “God is good / All the Time / God is Good” refrain. Add to that the world famous claim of John 3:16, “For God sooooooo loved the world…” and you get the picture. An omni-benevolent God must be, by definition, ALL-Benevolent ALL of the time; that’s what “omni” means. To be all-benevolent is to be benevolent 100% of the time, no exceptions never ever.  

But BibleGod is NOT All Benevolent    

BibleGod Created Hell     

Discipline can be good. A strategic spanking can be both benevolent AND painful, i.e. short-term pain for long-term gain. But hell is neither “short-term pain” (it’s eternal) nor “long-term gain” (there’s no “graduation ceremony” where they’ve learned their lesson and move on). But where did hell come from? It came from the God of the Bible, as Dr. Hugh Ross’s website says:  “God created everything.”(2)  “Everything” would include anything- from hangnails to hell. Now we’ve all seen bad parents in our time, but no loving father among us would ever cover their daughter head to toe with third degree burns and manage to pass it off as loving  “discipline”. Benevolent parents who love their children prefer “carrots” to “sticks” to achieve their purpose, but in the case of everlasting fiery torture, there IS no purpose other than petty childish vengeance. An everlasting hell is totally non-benevolent for its victims.

BibleGod Releases Satan     

BibleGod, in the book of Revelation, finally captures Satan (Revelation 20:7), the source of all evil in the universe, so happy ending, right? Wrong,  because BibleGod then releases him onto Earth a thousand years later. Releasing a mad “foaming at the mouth” pit bull onto a playground containing your own kids is something a loving benevolent father would never do.

BibleGod Creates Evil     

 “I make peace, and create evil...” (Isaiah 45:7 KJV)

 “Shall there be evil in a city, and the LORD hath not done it?” (Amos 3:6  KJV)

 “…shall we receive good at the hand of God, and… not receive evil?” (Job 2:10  KJV)

 “Behold, I (the Lord) am bringing EVIL on this place... even all the curses...” (2nd Chronicles 34:24  NASB)

The Hebrew word for “evil” is translated in the King James as “evil”, “wickedness”, “mischief”, “hurt” and so on, but you get the picture. However it’s translated, “evil” is just something a God who was really benevolent wouldn’t create.

BibleGod’s Wrath & Vengeance     

The God described in the Bible is oft-times NOT benevolent, kind, or forgiving:

 “The day of the Lord is coming, cruel, with fury and burning anger.”  (Isaiah 13:9  NASB)

 "The Lord shall never be willing to forgive him… the anger of the Lord and His jealousy will burn against that man… every curse… blot out his name… adversity… curses of the covenant” etc. etc etc.  (Deuteronomy 29: 20-21  NASB)

These verses clearly describe not the ALL-benevolent God Christians claim to worship, but rather a part-time sometimes benevolent God, a God who can be cruel, furious, and unforgiving: i.e. the God of the Bible.

BibleGod Deceives People     

Paul writes of some people BibleGod didn’t particularly like, in that

“God will cause them to be… deceived, and... believe... lies.  Then they will be condemned (to hell)…”(5)  

Deceiving people isn’t benevolent, especially when the price they’ll pay for having been deceived is eternal daily torture in a fiery hell. Whereas the God that Christians admire and worship is all-benevolent;  this God of the Bible clearly is NOT.  


Attribute of God: Perfection   

Dictionary.com defines the word perfect as “entirely without any flaws, defects, or shortcomings”. To be perfect is to be faultless. Merriam-Webster defines it as “something that cannot be improved”. To be perfect would be to get everything right the first time, never making mistakes and thus never having to fix anything you did.

BibleGod is All Perfect   

The God Christians are pushing on the world is perfect, as in “does not make mistakes, even little ones” per the Encyclopedia of Philosophy (6).  Dr. Hugh Ross, of Reasons to Believe, calls God “infinitely perfect” in his Statement of Faith (7) whereas “…there is no way in which God can be better” (8) comes from Omega Faith. And a group out of Canada puts it thusly: “God does not make mistakes. Not a one. Never.” (9).     

But BibleGod is NOT All Perfect   

BibleGod Created Adam Without Eve     

In Genesis 2:18-23 we find the God of the Bible created Adam without Eve. Then he admits this situation (which he himself just created) to be “not GOOD”. By definition, anything less than good if done by a “perfect” being has to be a mistake, and thus that being is not actually perfect. After his screwup BibleGod then tried to fix it by having Adam pick out a companion from a line of animals paraded in front of him. To Adam’s credit, he wasn’t into beastiality and, per the Bible, “didn't find a suitable companion” (11), companion meaning wife.  Finally BibleGod fixed his mistake by creating Eve. We are not going out on a limb in saying that any god who admits to mistakes, promotes beastiality, and then resorts to fixes, this “god” is not perfect.     

BibleGod Allowed 9/11     

According to Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon, the word sin (from the Greek “hamartia”) means “to miss the mark, to err, be mistaken”(10). In other words, to be less than perfect.  A sin of omission means failing to do what is right, as exemplified in James 4:17

“to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin”(12).

On 9/11, the God of the Bible watched as planes flew into buildings. He had the power to stop it, as any of us would have, but he didn’t. According to the book of James, knowing the good thing to do, then not doing it, is a sin; and according to Thayer’s lexicon, a sin is a mistake, proving you’re less than perfect.  BibleGod is thus a sinner by definition from his own book, and is also therefore less than perfect.   

BibleGod Made False Prophecies     

A God who makes no mistakes would not have been mistaken in predicting Jesus’  “Second Coming” to occur within the first century, as Jesus clearly did in Matthew 24:34 where he told his Apostles face-to-face that

“…all these things (Second coming / rapture etc) will take place before this present generation (of 33 AD) passes on.” (13).

Regarding this verse, Christian author C. S. Lewis put it best in his book “World’s Last Night” where he says:  

“It is certainly the most embarrassing verse in the Bible. …The one exhibition of error and the one confession of ignorance grow side by side...”(14)  

Someone who is perfect does not make errors, therefore BibleGod (aka Jesus) is not perfect.  


Attributes of God:  Mercy & Justice  

Mercy is letting people off the hook- not punishing them for crimes they committed. Justice, on the other hand, is the exact opposite: actively pursuing and punishing people with no exceptions for any and all crimes they have committed.

BibleGod is All Merciful:   To be merciful is to have a disposition of being kind and forgiving, especially towards an offender or enemy. It is to excuse and pardon a fault or an offense, to not punish someone who deserves it, to have a “forgive & forget” attitude. And to be “all merciful” is to ignore justice: offenses become water under the bridge, forgiven and forgotten. BibleGod is called “the father of mercies” in 2 Cor 1:3. To be “all merciful” is, by definition, the opposite of being all-just.

BibleGod is All Just:   To be just is to be fair, to give people what is properly due them, regardless of any other considerations. It is to treat everyone the same, and to be impartial. There is no forgiveness in true justice; if any have broken the law, they must be punished as befits law breakers. To be “all just” is to be without any mercy whatsoever, as mercy is the negation of justice. BibleGod is called the “Just God” in Isaiah 45:21. To be “all just” is, by definition, the opposite of being merciful.

But BibleGod Can Not Be “All Merciful” AND “All Just”

Someone who is totally just would have no mercy and someone totally merciful would dispense no justice. Therefore to say that someone is totally just AND totally merciful is a logical impossibility, like having a “square circle”. And remember, it is claimed that BibleGod holds these two attributes at the same time in infinite abundance. This is an absurd impossibility. Such a god by definition never has, does not now, nor ever could, exist.


Attribute of God: Justice

Justice is “the administering of deserved punishment” per Dictionary.com.  In a truly just system, the deck is not stacked;  people get only what they deserve, and what they deserve is most certainly not to be punished for crimes they never even committed.  

BibleGod is Just  

The God Christians are selling to the world is a God of justice. Isaiah wrote: “…The Lord is a God of justice” (15) while the book of Job asks the question “does God pervert justice?”(16) with “no” being the implied answer.  

But BibleGod is NOT Just   

BibleGod Punishes Children for Their Parents’ Crimes     

In Exodus 20:5 BibleGod admits to punishing children for crimes not they, but their parents, committed in the past:  

“People who sin against me become my enemies, and I will punish them. And I will punish their children, their grandchildren, and even their great-grandchildren.” (18)

and from another translation

I punish children for their parents’ sins, even to the third and fourth generations…”  (23)

Punishing ANYONE for another’s crime is pretty much the textbook definition of injustice, and the fact that BibleGod actually brags about being so unjust is just plain disgusting.    

BibleGod Punished Jesus for the Crimes of Others     

Jesus, whether a volunteer or drafted, was punished for crimes he didn’t commit (19), and that, by definition, is a blatant injustice, possibly THE biggest injustice in the entire universe. Therefore the system of “justice” that BibleGod has set up to “justify” mankind is itself a stinking cesspool of injustice.   

BibleGod Controls Men to Condemn Them     

Paul wrote:  

“Are we saying... God was unfair …to harden the hearts... so they refuse to listen? …You might say... ‘Haven’t they simply done what he makes them do?’’ (17).

He also wrote:   

“God will cause them to be… deceived... Then they will be condemned (20)

In other words, BibleGod, in a cosmic display of injustice, sends some to hell for doing what he forced them to do in the first place. They were his puppets, he pulled the strings, and now they are going to hell for what he forced them to do. This is not justice.     

BibleGod Treated Job Unjustly      

According to scripture, Job was “blameless & upright” (22), that is, he did everything he was supposed to do- but the God of the Bible unjustly ruined his life anyway. For no good reason other than to win a bet, BibleGod allowed Satan to destroy his health, wealth, and children. This unjust & undeserved treatment at the hands of a supposedly “just” and loving God should strike panic into the heart of any modern believer, knowing that they themselves might be the next victim of his form of “justice”.  

BibleGod Setup Mankind To Fail     

While commenting on the Bible verse Romans 5:20, Christian author Dr. Jack Hyles wrote:

“Though we are to attempt to keep the commandments of God, it is impossible to do so. Hence, the law was given to be broken rather than to be kept... God knew that we were helpless to fulfill it.” (21)

In other words, BibleGod has deliberately set his hurdles higher than his children can jump, for the sick “enjoyment” of watching them trip face-first into the concrete.  This is not a God concerned about justice and what’s best for his children, but rather a “district prosecutor” who wants to ensure failures and convictions. The entire system is a setup, unjust, and rigged from the get-go to ensure failure.  


Attribute of God: Love  

Christians love to brag & sing about how much loooooove their God has. For example, in 1st John 4:8 it is written not just that God HAS love, but that “God is Love”. Well, per the Bible “God is love”, i.e. at his very core he is nothing BUT love, pure love, and therefore can not ever do or be anything that’s not love. Problem is, that’s really not all the Bible says on the matter.  

Claiming that BibleGod is 100% pure love, which means he can not at any time be anything else BUT love, while at the same time claiming he’s also a bunch of  other NON-love things such as  being impatient, jealous, boastful etc, things that are the very OPPOSITE of love, leads us back to the square circle problem, which can not exist in ANY reality, even BibleGod’s. IF BibleGod is the actual perfect “can’t get any better” epitome, embodiment, and personification of  “Love”, THEN he can NOT at all- any part of him- be those other things at any time- not even for a millisecond- no if’s and’s or but’s. There’s no mystery or “his ways are above your ways”; the God as described in the Bible is a square circle, and square circles do not exist.     


Attributes of God: Transcendence & Immanence  

Transcendence, when it comes to BibleGod, means for him to be completely beyond the universe: undetectable, unseen, unknowable, not at all to be found anywhere in this universe of possibly infinite size we call home. Theologians are adamant about this point, as is the Bible, in verses describing BibleGod such as “the highest heavens can not contain him” (2nd Chronicles 2:6).  

Immanence for BibleGod, on the other hand, means the exact opposite: BibleGod is EVERYWHERE within the universe, there is not a square inch of space anywhere that he is not already there, and indeed not just there, but filling it up- to infinity and beyond! As BibleGod himself claims, “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” (Jremiah 23:24).

But BibleGod Can NOT Be Both Transcendent AND Immanent        

It is not possible to be EVERYWHERE and NOWHERE at the same time. It is not possible to be a circle and a square at the same time. To argue otherwise, no matter how many theological PhD’s you have in front of your name, is just pure theological horseshit.  And the fact that this even needs to be pointed out to otherwise intelligent people is scary.   


A being with mutually exclusive “omni” attributes (i.e. all-this AND all-that) can not exist.

Therefore the God as described in the Bible can not exist.



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is Love

(1st John 4:8)

BibleGod is



Love…“is not jealous*”  

1st Corinthians 13:4   

BibleGod:  Jealous     

I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God...”  

(Exodus 20:5 NASB)

Love… “is not provoked”  

1st Corinthians 13:5 NASB

BibleGod:  Provoked     

They have… provoked Me to anger…”

(Malachi 1:4 NASB)

Love… “is patient”  

1st Corinthians 13:4 NASB

BibleGod:  NOT Patient     

Jesus said, ‘You unbelieving and perverted generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I put up with you?’”

 (Matthew 17:17 NASB)      

Love… “is kind”  

1st Corinthians 13:4 NASB

BibleGod:  Not Kind     

Save alive nothing that breathes… utterly destroy them… put to death child and infant

(Deuteronomy 20: 16-17 RSV)

(1st Samuel 15:2-3 NASB)

Love… “is not boastful”   

1st Corinthians 13:4 Amplified

BibleGod:  Boastful     

Do YOU have an arm like God, and can YOU thunder with a voice like His?

 (Job 39:9  NASB)   

Love… “takes no account of evil”  

1st Corinthians 13:5 Bible in Basic English

BibleGod:  Keeps Account

God will bring EVERY act to judgment…”

(Ecclesiastes 12:14  NASB)

*Translated “Jealous” in these 14 Bibles:  New American Standard Bible, God’s Word, Moffat, New Living Translation, Weymouth, Amplified, Williams, Beck, Concordant Literal New Testament, Berkeley Version, Interlinear Greek-English New Testament with a Literal English Translation by Rev. Alfred Marshal, Worldwide English Version, New Century Version, Revised Standard Version.