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The Bible:  Worthy of Your Trust?

Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated

     Responses to Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated

God Is Not The Author

History or HIS-STORY?

How Firm A Foundation... of Forgeries???

James the Brother of Jesus

Schizophrenia and Personal Revelations

     Responses to Schizophrenia

The God of The Bible

Biblegod Is Not Perfect

    Responses to Biblegod Not Perfect

Biblegod The Warcriminal

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The Warcriminal

Tyrannosaurus Pettius Rex

Jehovah Unmasked

In or Out or Neit

Acts of God

September 11th Biblegod Did Nothing

    Responses to September 11th

The God of The Bible:
Does He Exist?

E=MC Disproves God

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How To Prove The Existence of God

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Shopping For A God

Transcendental La La Land

Caught in a Lie:  Contradictions Within The Bible

Don't Be Such A Cretan

The Genealogy of Jesus

Galilee vs Jerusalem

Matthew vs John

Intrinsic Contradictions

Splainin To Do

The Intercontinental Ballistic Jesus

The Sign on The Cross

     Responses to The Sign on The Cross

Sand, Not Rock:  What Christianity is Really Built Upon

The Atonement

Monotheism Not Biblical

The Ten Commandments

Christianity Has Pagan DNA


Misc. Topics & Thoughts

Jesus:  False Prophet?

False Prophet- Liar, Fraud!

 If Anybody Else But Jesus…

 Jesus and His Expired Prophecies

Matthew 24 Verse by Verse

Mt 24:34 What The Scholars Say

Significance of Jesus Being a False Prophet


     Responses to Jesus The False Prophet

Jesus:  Resurrected?

Even If True

Evidence That Doesn't Demand a Verdict

The Roman Soldiers: "We Were There!"

     Responses to Roman Soldiers

Churchianity Examined

Connecting The Dots

The Authority Totem

Twenty Percent Fewer Errors

Fire The Clergy

     Responses to Fire The Clergy

The Wealth of Churches

Authority In Church Government

The Fleecing of The Flock

The Great Commission Does Not Apply

CAUTIONChristianity May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Victims of Religion

   Responses to Victims of Religion

Voices In Our Head


   Responses to Brainwashing

We Love Our Lies

Christian Morality or Lack Thereof 

Christianity Doesn't Work as Advertised

Hypocrisy- Thy Name is Christian


The Gospel of Jesus

 Happy Father's Day

He Wasn't a REAL Christian

Evangelical Atheism

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Without A Leg To Stand On (A Message For Freethinkers)

Give To Him That Asks

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Just Say No

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Damn The Truth- Full Speed Ahead

Answering Christian Stock Arguments

Modern Miracle Workers

Atheists In America

Anti-Religious Songs

Do Unto Others

Kissing Hank's Ass

Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus

Poster: Jesus is a Liar & Lunatic

The Good News of Atheism

The Skeptic’s Prayer

What Would Jesus Do?

Christian Cults

Consumers Guide to Religion- John Cleese of Monty Python (audio file)

Geek Speak Like a Fundy

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How To Be a Fundy


Baptists} Once Saved, Always Saved: Always False

Catholics: Only Child or Eldest Brother

Church of Christ

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Dr. Robert Schuller: Racism By A Nose

Jehovah Witnesses

Nazarenes} Entire Sanctification = Entire Nonsense

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Seventh Day Adventists

For Christians...

Message to Christian Apologists

Notes to Christians Battling Atheists

Move A Mountain


Ex-Christians Get No Respect


Hellfire For Homosexuals and Roses

Creationism, aka Intelligent Design

The Universe According To The Bible

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In The Beginning God Was Nuts

Intelligent Design


Legalize Prostitution

Its The Economy, Stupid

Illegal Immigration

Bush Is Outta Here!!!

The Bush Monkey

Twilights Last Gleaming

Contra Craig
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Contra Craig

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Jehovah Unmasked

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A Message To Christian Apologists


You are not going to live forever. That old book you worship isn't going to save you. Words scribbled on papyrus 2000 years ago will not inoculate you from death.

Let's start with some basic facts: We are biological organisms. We are made out of flesh and bone, and we depend on the operation of certain cellular, chemical processes in order to continue functioning and experiencing the world around us. Once these functions stop, we die. When we die, there is no longer any electrical activity going on within the structure of our brains, and it is then no longer possible for us to experience anything. What had been our personalities, our memories, our hopes and fears all cease to exist. From this point on, the walls of our cells break down, and eventually our bodies decompose into their constitute elements through biological/chemical processes. This is a fate we share with every other living thing on the planet.

Of course you believe in something called a "soul" which you think transcends death. I will examine the term in a moment.

So where did the idea of eternal life come from originally? It is reasonable to suppose that when ancient people saw dead relatives and friends in dreams and visions, they thought that the deceased were still alive in some form. Ancient people had no real understanding of the source of their dreams and visions, and an afterlife would account for why they still saw the deceased. The idea of an afterlife is, of course, very appealing to most people, since most people do not want to die. Indeed, one of the strongest forces in biology is the will to survive. Since humans can conceptualize death, it is not surprising that they would conceptualize an escape from death. The idea of an afterlife can be developed to address other psychological needs as well:


"...when [it's] obvious to people that the world is unfair, that what 'goes around' doesn't always 'come around,' the concept of justice being served in an afterlife is wonderfully soothing. If, say, someone was killed and the murderer goes free, believing that the murderer will end up in hell might be the only way the victim's family [members] can put their rage behind them and live a happy life. I remember realizing [that] 'Even if hell didn't exist, people would invent the concept.'"

Of course, there is no evidence whatsoever for an afterlife. Nor is there any reasonable, fact-based explanation for it. None. So here is where the apologetics come in. You claim that human beings possess "souls" that somehow represent consciousness and personality. You declare that these "souls" can exist separately from our bodies. You assert that these "souls" somehow leave our bodies at death and go somewhere else, employing some inexplicable means of locomotion. This is all nonsense, of course. This is wild speculation about things that you cannot know, and that you do not know. Have you ever tried to figure out what a "soul" actually is? I have asked numerous Christians to explain the term, and they can't do it, because they don't know what it is actually supposed to be. No one does. The simple fact of the matter is that there is no evidence for a mind/brain duality, or a "ghost in the machine."

As a Christian apologist, you really have to ask yourself some questions. You have to ask yourself, "Am I being manipulated? Is it at all possible that the reason I argue so passionately about the ineffable and the unknowable, about things that I cannot possibly know, is that I am simply trying to convince myself that I will inherit eternal bliss-and that I will escape eternal torture in hell? Is it possible that all my orgiastic expressions of religious fervor derive from the primal will to survive, something far more ancient than any holy book? Is it possible that my religion's founders cynically co-opted this primal will to survive and the universal fear of pain in order to gain converts-and thus increase their wealth and power? Is it also possible that these leaders were deluded?"

While you are pondering all these questions, take a moment to read the words of some early Church Fathers, and think about what their words indicate about their honesty:

  • "To the Jews I became as a Jew, to win the Jews; to those under the law I became as one under the law-though not being myself under the law-that I might win those under the law. To the weak I became weak, that I might win the weak. I have become all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. I do it all for the sake of the gospel..." Paul, 1 Corinthians 9:20-23


  • "Hermas, an early church father, wrote: 'O Lord, I never spoke a true word in my life, I have always affirmed a lie as truth to all men, and no man contradicted me; instead, they all gave credit to my works.' Visions of Hermas, vol. 2, c.3."


  • "Gregory of Nazanzius, a 4th century church father and bishop of Caesarea, wrote to St. Jerome: 'A little jargon is all that is necessary to impose on the people. The less they comprehend, the more they admire.' Quoted by C. Volney, The Ruins, p. 177 (1872)."


  • "Augustine of Hippo, the greatest figure in Christian antiquity, wrote: 'It is lawful, then, to him that discusses, disputes and preaches of things eternal, or to him that narrates of things temporal pertaining to religion or piety, to conceal at fitting times whatever seems fit to be concealed.' Augustine, On Lying, c. 19"

I'll repeat myself: You are not going to live forever. Just think about it. You have no memories of your existence prior to the development of your brain because you did not exist prior to the formation of your brain. And you will not exist after it is gone. Look at your body-that is you. You are not something else. You cannot escape what you are or overcome biology. You think otherwise, of course, but you cannot explain how life after death would be possible. The reason why you cannot explain it and the reason why you will never be able to explain it is simply because it is not possible. The afterlife is a fiction.

Your life is undeniably real. It will not last forever, but that is why it is so very precious. Don't waste it on a delusion.

Good luck.




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