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The Bible:  Worthy of Your Trust?

Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated

     Responses to Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated

God Is Not The Author

History or HIS-STORY?

How Firm A Foundation... of Forgeries???

James the Brother of Jesus

Schizophrenia and Personal Revelations

     Responses to Schizophrenia

The God of The Bible

Biblegod Is Not Perfect

    Responses to Biblegod Not Perfect

Biblegod The Warcriminal

    Responses to Biblegod
The Warcriminal

Tyrannosaurus Pettius Rex

Jehovah Unmasked

In or Out or Neit

Acts of God

September 11th Biblegod Did Nothing

    Responses to September 11th

The God of The Bible:
Does He Exist?

E=MC Disproves God

    Responses to E=MC

How To Prove The Existence of God

    Responses to How To Prove The Existence of God

Shopping For A God

Transcendental La La Land

Caught in a Lie:  Contradictions Within The Bible

Don't Be Such A Cretan

The Genealogy of Jesus

Galilee vs Jerusalem

Matthew vs John

Intrinsic Contradictions

Splainin To Do

The Intercontinental Ballistic Jesus

The Sign on The Cross

     Responses to The Sign on The Cross

Sand, Not Rock:  What Christianity is Really Built Upon

The Atonement

Monotheism Not Biblical

The Ten Commandments

Christianity Has Pagan DNA


Misc. Topics & Thoughts

Jesus:  False Prophet?

False Prophet- Liar, Fraud!

 If Anybody Else But Jesus…

 Jesus and His Expired Prophecies

Matthew 24 Verse by Verse

Mt 24:34 What The Scholars Say

Significance of Jesus Being a False Prophet


     Responses to Jesus The False Prophet

Jesus:  Resurrected?

Even If True

Evidence That Doesn't Demand a Verdict

The Roman Soldiers: "We Were There!"

     Responses to Roman Soldiers

Churchianity Examined

Connecting The Dots

The Authority Totem

Twenty Percent Fewer Errors

Fire The Clergy

     Responses to Fire The Clergy

The Wealth of Churches

Authority In Church Government

The Fleecing of The Flock

The Great Commission Does Not Apply

CAUTIONChristianity May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Victims of Religion

   Responses to Victims of Religion

Voices In Our Head


   Responses to Brainwashing

We Love Our Lies

Christian Morality or Lack Thereof 

Christianity Doesn't Work as Advertised

Hypocrisy- Thy Name is Christian


The Gospel of Jesus

 Happy Father's Day

He Wasn't a REAL Christian

Evangelical Atheism

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Without A Leg To Stand On (A Message For Freethinkers)

Give To Him That Asks

   Responses to Give To Him That Asks

Just Say No

   Responses to Just Say No

Damn The Truth- Full Speed Ahead

Answering Christian Stock Arguments

Modern Miracle Workers

Atheists In America

Anti-Religious Songs

Do Unto Others

Kissing Hank's Ass

Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus

Poster: Jesus is a Liar & Lunatic

The Good News of Atheism

The Skeptic’s Prayer

What Would Jesus Do?

Christian Cults

Consumers Guide to Religion- John Cleese of Monty Python (audio file)

Geek Speak Like a Fundy

   Responses to Geek Speak 101

How To Be a Fundy


Baptists} Once Saved, Always Saved: Always False

Catholics: Only Child or Eldest Brother

Church of Christ

   Responses to Church of Christ Essays

Dr. Robert Schuller: Racism By A Nose

Jehovah Witnesses

Nazarenes} Entire Sanctification = Entire Nonsense

   Responses to Entire Sactification


Seventh Day Adventists

For Christians...

Message to Christian Apologists

Notes to Christians Battling Atheists

Move A Mountain


Ex-Christians Get No Respect


Hellfire For Homosexuals and Roses

Creationism, aka Intelligent Design

The Universe According To The Bible

   Responses to The Universe

In The Beginning God Was Nuts

Intelligent Design


Legalize Prostitution

Its The Economy, Stupid

Illegal Immigration

Bush Is Outta Here!!!

The Bush Monkey

Twilights Last Gleaming

Contra Craig
    (Dr. William Lane Craig)

Contra Craig

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Comments to JCnot4me- Pro + Con

One Picture is Worth...

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Jehovah Unmasked

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Nev Randle

Sold Out Angel





Francois Tremblay 4-8-05


Subject: Mr. Rogers
Date: 4/8/2005 6:59:46 A.M. Pacific Standard Time
Reply To:

Hello there !

I love your web site. I started an atheist ministry and I already linked to
your site and some of your articles. They are truly powerful, and some are
eye-opening even for me. I keep appraised of all your updates. Great work !

I am distressed about one thing, however. On your article "Just Say No! "
you compare "Jesus" to Mr. Rogers. I find it quite distressing that you
would compare such a gentle and comapssionate man (Mr. Rogers) with the
frustrated, angry, failed cult leader "Jesus". Please choose someone else ;)

Yours in Reason,
Francois Tremblay

Personal site :
Owner of ( ).
Co-Host of the Hellbound Alleee show ( )
Author of "Handbook of Atheistic Apologetics", "Introduction to
Objectivism" and "Atheism in a Post-religious World" (see ).

This message was made with recycled electrons.




Hey Francois;
Thanks for the email, and the linkage. We all need to do what we can to keep people sane.

You are right about Mr. Rogers being a better example / role model for children. I think what I was trying to do there, in as short and pithy a way as possible, was to contrast the two gods of Christiandumb. In a short short one page essay like that, where I'm touching on subjects that each could fill an entire book, one has to cut things to their bare minimum. I am trying to convey an idea, and I think that the comparison I chose does that. What you didn't mention is that even Freddy Krugar is way above Biblegod Joe Hovah in moral values etc- Biblegod is responsible for the deaths of everyone on the planet for the last billion years, as Biblegod created death because Adam ate a piece of fruit. Freddy has maybe only killed a hundred in his whole career!

I'll put a link up and probably your email on my site later.

--Mark Smith, Set Free






Nev Randle

Hi Mark,
Last one, I promise (At least for today).
Christians can sometimes be an enormous pain in the, you know what. They can strutt around with their chest out pretending to be 'holier than thou' or better than everyone else. They can make some pretty stupid statements about their faith, or God in general. They can even be hurtful, unthinking and unkind when they want to be... and sometimes even when they don't. But what does that make them... hypocrites? No! it makes them human. Just like everyone else.

Mark Smith here} Uhhh, maybe I'm a little bit stupid, but what does this have to do with my essay "He Wasn't A Real Christian"???

 I've read some pretty dopey things on your website, like that article "The Gospel (Good News) of Jesus" where you try to convince the small minded that Jesus said a number of things that Christians wished he hadn't. I can't even accept that you believe some of the crap you've written.

Mark Smith here} Once again, an accusation with no evidence to back it up. They think they can just speak, and it will become so. Let me try... OK Nev, everything you write is wrong. Boy, that was easy!!!

But what does that make you? Human.
What about that "Just say NO" article? You've thrown the baby own with the bathwater. Is it fair to judge God by the actions of fallible people?

Mark Smith here} Is it fair to judge a cure for cancer by noticing that it's never cured anyone??? The medicine doesn't work as advertised, Nev. Compare crime rates for Christian USA verses Pagan Japan.

 Is it even wise to refuse to believe in him because you have developed an irrational hate (it comes through very clearly in your articles) for his followers? Your thinking, though you like to see it as 'free', is bound and restricted by a bias that drives you to irrationality.

Mark Smith here} Nev still thinks he's Biblegod speaking things into existence. He claims that I'm irrational, but of course, doesn't provide one bit of evidence. Maybe this kind of empty accusation flies in church, but not in the real world. Preachers get up and say all sorts of crap without backing it up, and the dumbass sheep in the pews just suck it in without questioning. Well Nev, these ain't no sheep around here, and we sure ain't in no friggin church!!! You claim I hate Christians: prove it. You also claim I am irrational: prove it. You also claim I am bias: again, prove it. But I won't hold my breath waiting for your evidence, for like most xtians, you have none. All you have is slander and unfounded accusations. Your type is good at name calling, but not at intelligent debates.

Fancy telling people to say "NO" to God because a church cheated you, or a minister lied to you, or a Christian deceived you.

Mark Smith here} Fancy telling people to say "NO" to a religion that doesn't work as advertised! Well! The Audacity of me! How dare me! Just because Jesus said that Christians can drink poison without harm (Mark 16:18) and I point out that this is pure horseshit, how dare me! Yes, how dare me to point out that their religion is mostly pompous hot air, and doesn't work as advertised. How dare me.

I don't believe for a minute, that you are an Atheist, Mark! You have to believe in God to hate him as much as you do.
Nev Randle  


From: Sold Out Angel


Subj: Re: Your web page is appalling 
Date: 8/24/02 4:59:34 PM !!!First Boot!!!
To: JCnot4me

Ok, I have been praying about this whole thing. Let me explain to you why it upsets me with what you said. When I read your web page and it said all those things about Jesus it hurt me. Because Jesus is my Lord and savior and He died for everyone in the world so that we wouldn't have to go to hell.  Jesus is my best friend and for someone to make fun of Him and mock His name that cut me deep because I love Him. Maybe you would feel the same way if someone was making fun of someone you are close to and love. However at the time I read your web page I was hurt and when people get hurt a lot of times they speak out of anger instead of love. I do feel sorry for you and I do hope that things get better for you. I don't know what happened to you to make you feel the way you do but I am sorry if a Christian or anyone else has hurt you. I am more sorry that you take it out on Jesus. However I should not have written any of the e-mails without first taking a moment to spend with God so that I would know what He would want me to say to you. As a Christian I am to be humble, prayerful, and mature about things like this. And I am sorry if I came across harsh or over-baring. I do wish that the web page you have made did not exist but God will take care of that. In no way am I sorry for defending Jesus however, the only thing I am sorry about is the way it probably came across. Jesus knew you before you were ever born and He knew you when He died for you on the cross and He loved you so much that He didn't care that you would make that web page even though it hurts Him and He knew that we would have this conversation and so I want to apologize for not handling it the way He would want me to from the beginning. I hope that you can forgive me for coming across wrong and I pray that you will find your way to Him one day just as Paul did.

In HIS love





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