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The God of The Bible:
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Transcendental La La Land

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Jesus:  Resurrected?

Even If True

Evidence That Doesn't Demand a Verdict

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Twenty Percent Fewer Errors

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ARoss97415 9/28/02
JB Bennett  2/20/02
JB Bennet  2/23/03
Unsigned 4-28-03
Valerie 9-9-03






From:  ARoss97415

Subj: (no subject) 
Date: 9/28/02 10:05:25 PM !!!First Boot!!!
To: JCnot4me

It is obvious you are an unlearned  person.  Have you never taken philosophy(ie. logic) or journalism (who, what, when, where)?  

Mark Smith here}     Ross  provides a typical Christian response. For all the pretended claims to "love" that Christians make to the world, notice how rude and UN-loving they are when they think the world isn't watching.  Notice he leads with what's called an  Ad Hominum attack- that is, he attacks ME rather than my ARGUMENTS. This is THE foulest, lowest, dirtiest tactic one can use in debates.  People who do this usually do so because they lack good rebuttals. Attack the messenger rather than the message.

Or perhaps you have never had the opportunity to be a witness for an event the police have had to piece together. I can see why, you would fall into the common trap of self- contradiction. The four gospel accounts do not contradict one another, they congeal together.  Example; four witnesses saw a lady who had been grabbed and kidnapped.  The first witness said the woman was wearing a blue skirt and had brown hair.  The second witness said the woman had on a blue suit and her hair was long. The third witness said she had long brown hair and was dressed in blue. The fourth said she had long hair and blue jacket.  Is this a contradiction or just pieces of the truth that when put together portray the entire image? 

Mark Smith here}     Ross makes a mistake that is common to Fundy  Christians when trying to explain away contradictions within the Bible. When NOT speaking regarding contradictions, they will claim heavenly perfection for their book. However, when speaking of contradictions, all of a sudden their book is no longer perfect: now they have human authors just making honest mistakes that any other human witness might make. Well Ross, a mistake is a mistake- honest or not, and you can't have a perfect Bible with imperfections. Sorry, but you're not impressing us. The world laughs at your Christian doublespeak.

    Spend some time reading a few books on logic before you anwer these questions and advertise your own folly.  Meanwhile, I will pray that the truth hit you the same way Paul got it on his trip to Emaus 2000 years ago. 

Mark Smith here}     In all of this, Ross neglects to tell us just exactly what was on that damn sign. Matthew tried, Mark tried, Luke tried, and so did John. Each came up with a different story. When four different men give four different versions of the one and same sign, that is called a "contradiction". Ross- look up the word "contradiction" in one of your books, ok??? Also please notice, like MOST "Christians" who email me, Ross doesn't have the guts to even sign his or her name to the email. Big, brave Christian- ha ha ha.


JB Bennett

Subj: The Sign On The Cross 
Date: 2/20/03 11:33:58 PM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

I have read your article titled "The Sign On The Cross"

Your article reads, "Deceitful Christians over the years kept adding to the
story, building it up."

where is this evidence?  Or are you speculating?

Mark Smith here}     As I said in my essay, the FACT that the earliest gospel has the simplest version, and the latest gospel has the most complicated version, this is evidence of a story evolving. Are you so dense you've never heard of something called a "fish story"? Have you never played the parlor game "gossip" where a story is wispered from person to person around a large circle, and by the time the story gets back to where it started, the story has grown, changed, evolved???

Your article reads, "We find each Gospel author coming straight out claiming
to tell us what exactly was written on that sign".

Where does it say each gospel author documented the exact message on the
sign?  I cannot find any scripture that supports your claim nor can I find
any scripture that indicates that this was the only message inscribed on the
sign. I would even venture to guess that it is likely that there was more
writing on the sign, but that would be speculation....which is what you are

Mark Smith here}     Thanks for mentioning this. I had assumed WRONGLY that anyone who was serious about this issue would at least take the time to READ the verses for themselves out of their own Bibles. I was wrong. I have added the following to the web article, to prevent future misunderstandings:  We find each Gospel author coming straight out claiming to tell us what exactly was written on that sign. Matthew says they put up a sign which read, then tells us WHAT was read on the sign (Mt 27:37). Mark says THE inscription against him read, and then tells us WHAT was read on the sign (Mk 15:26). Luke wrote there was an inscription above Jesus, then tells us what it said (Lk 23:38). John is the most specific. John writes that Pilate wrote an inscription, and then put that inscription on the cross, then tells us via "it was written" exactly what WAS written on that sign (Jn 19:19). There was no ambiguity about WHAT was written on the sign. 


Let's suppose for arguments sake that the sign says:

"This is Jesus the Nazerene, King of the Jews"

Would it be incorrect to say the sign says any of the following:

"This is Jesus", "Jesus, King of the Jews", "King of the Jews", etc, etc,

Mark Smith here}     You missed one of my biggest points. WHEN you are told that someone wrote a sign, THEN you are told WHAT was written on the sign, you expect the person telling you actually TOLD you WHAT was written on the sign- especially when that "someone" is supposedly an inspired holy spook.  


It could be argued that indeed the sign says all of these things.  What
about the different language argument you ask?  Why complicate things? 
There doesn't have to be more than on language to explain it.

Mark Smith here}     Genius- THAT was the explanation of your Norm Geisler, so go argue with HIM, not me.


I do not see how you can argue that deceitful christians manipulated the
scriptures as you have indicated when you have approached the matter with a
hardened heart and sinful conviction.  At the very least you have proven
that you have tunnel vision.

Your article reads (with a few inserts), "Where exactly is the evidence
anyway that supports the contention that each language contained different
<or the same> information from the other languages? Where is the evidence
that each language contained unique <or not unique> information? There isn't
any!!! Once again, we see <Mark Smith> not hesitating to base theological
conclusions upon hypothetical assumptions, IF that is what's needed to save
<his faith in nothing>....But however much the Christians desire to defend
the errors of their religion, in the court of human reason <we are dealing
with God whom is perfect in every way, not imperfect humans like you or
myself> conjectures and wishful thinking are NOT admissible <No? and your
arguments are admissable?  Who made you king?  Does it not say "...They
received the word with great eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily to
see whether these things were so" (Acts 17:11)?>. Just because you want to
explain away a contradiction does NOT give you the right to make up
"evidence" out of thin air. No evidence? Then no argument. Case closed.
<couldn't have said it better myself!>

I really must thank you...your web site gives me new opportunities to
examine the scriptures.

Mark Smith here}     And once again, hard-core Christians show they are unable to actually THINK anything through. Yes, you have proven to the world how hard-headed you are- congratulations, idiot.

love in Christ,

JB Bennett

JB Bennet

Subj: Re: The Sign On The Cross 
Date: 2/23/03 3:43:09 PM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)



I visited your site and read your response to a previous letter in the 
"sign" page. I believe that you missed the entire point of this guys 
letter. You don't even comment on the content of the letter, but rather 
comment on how common debating tactics and mistakes. Please specifically 
address the issues that are under debate. I have no doubt about your 
debating skills, however I doubt your knowledge of the subject. It appears 
quite often that you attack the abilities of the deliverer and completely 
ignore what was delivered. Please respond.

Mark here} That email from an "ARoss" made the following three points to me:
     1) You are an unlearned person.
     2) Human witnesses often give conflicting testimony.
     3) Read books on logic before you advertise your own folly.
Unless I've got my head up my ass like you do, I DID answer each of his three "points" (if you want to call them that.) How could you have read and not noticed that??? In fact, my responses are about equal in length to the original email. And I DID address his #2 point, and I'm sorry you're too blind to read it. And I'm sorry but I'm not going to play your little game of verbal bullshit.

Could you also make available to the public all of the information that is 
being shared (ie emails, web sites, etc). I wrote you a letter in response 
and it was not listed with my other comments. What kind of debating tactic 
is this. If your aim is to persuade others that christianity is false, then 
lay all the cards on the table and not the cards that will help you win the 
hand. If the bible is false and you can prove it after answering all the 
questions then the more power to your cause.

Mark here} No, I'm NOT going to take up valuable web site space with every email from every lunatic religionist on the planet. YOU may think the drivel spewing out from your keyboard is pure inspiration- others may not. As to my leaving out any of your emails, the ONLY one I left out was an email from you saying you'd be writing a future email. Why should I publish that, please??? As to laying ALL the cards on the table, I go out of my way to do that- sorry you can't see that, but it's just too dark where your head's at to see much of anything, isn't it???

I appreciate your willingness to understand scripture. I hope that you 
would acknowledge the fact that your wrong when proven wrong, just like I 
would welcome such correction, but when you don't present all of the facts 
to those whom may not be involved it's called deception. I am 
wondering...does an athiest like yourself consider deception a good thing or 
a bad thing?

Mark here} I respond in kind. Your kind of Christian arrogance irritates me. Your Church of Christ is full of hot air and bogus claims, I have documented that, and you have ignored that. Who between us two cares more for the truth, eh??? Maybe the FACT that not even one single Church of Christ on this planet has EVER taken up my offer to debate ANY of these issues related to their stupid religion should tell you WHO is more concerned with truth.

As to your claim that "I would welcome such correction" let me point out somewhere you can start. In your paragraph above you made two spelling mistakes. As any grade school student has learned, when you are trying to write the contraction for "you are" you write it thusly:  you're. The word "your" is incorrect.  And your word "athiest" should be spelled atheist. 

Love in Christ,

JB Bennett



Unsigned 4-28-03

Subj: sign on cross of jesus 
Date: 4/28/03 5:13:39 PM Pacific Daylight Time
To: JCnot4me

       i would just like to point out to you that the sign above Jesus was written in 4 languages: Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. Not three.

The Inscription above the cross of Christ was written in four different languages: Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, and Latin. We see this when we look at Luke 23:38 and John 19:20. Luke 23:38 clearly states it was written in Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. In John the word for "Hebrew" is hebraisti. "John 19:20 uses for this the adverbial form Hebraisti, which in gospel usage did not mean "in Hebrew" but in the Jewish dialect of Aramaic. We know this because wherever Hebraisti is used elsewhere, as in John 5:2; 19:13,17; 20:16, the word is given in its Aramaic form, transcribed into Greek letters," (Encyclopedia of Bible Difficulties, page 346).

i hope you read this carefully and think on it. thanks.

                                     a concerned reader of you website



Mark Smith here}    The length and complexity of my reply to this has warranted putting it on a more important web page than this one here. For the reply to this email, go back to  The Sign on The Cross  the essay at the bottom, "The Four Language Hypothesis".



Valerie 9-9-03

Subj: Response 4 signs 
Date: 9/9/03 9:42:58 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Mark,
     I didn't read through all the details of the intellectual debate on your website, because I feel finding the Creator of the universe won't be done through "intellectualism". In spite of this, I myself have always been fairly intellectual and an "analyzer" of things (straight A student in high school and some college, became a certified Tax Practitioner but also a singer and have always had interest in theological/spiritual things... So have both right & left brain emphasis in my life.  I have also been on both sides of the Jesus debate (Born again Christian AND New Ager). 
The real question is, do you really WANT to find God, if He is real? One way to check this out within yourself, is to ask yourself in a real hard core way, "If God WERE real, and finding Him meant I'd have to give up my pride, my prior understanding of things, perhaps even my intellectual moorings (again, ONLY if  God were real), the respect of my circle of friends and perhaps career associates... If finding Him meant you'd have to give up EVERYTHING...  Would you be willing?  Or would you rather (perhaps) go to hell with the (short lived) satisfaction of a big. prideful "fuck you" at God (while he sent you to the place you preferred to be?). This is just a hypothetical questioning for you to do within yourself...

Mark Smith here}    Valerie, I already FOUND your gods, and lived with them for twenty years as a Christian. I know all about your gods, and because of what I know, I reject your gods. I have "been there, done that" when it comes to your religion. There is NOTHING new you can teach or show me about your religion that I haven't already been exposed to or lived thru. Your religion, bottom line, doesn't work as advertised, and my regret is that it took me so long to realize that.


I agree with you that often (some) Christians can be arrogant when debating, and/or give incomplete answers.  But quite honestly, if you have no real desire for the real answer  if it meant you were wrong, no amount of reasoning will satisfy you.  (Not to mention the fact that Jesus said that until you are Born again, you are blind and Cannot see Him spiritually). (I also, by the way, see some of the same kinds of attitudes (arrogance, focus on what you can attack in a response but bypassing the reasonable parts...) in your website and responses).
Nonetheless (and not knowing your heart attitude toward God the Creator), I have some short, partial, and only possible explanations... But certainly explanations that COULD be true if you were willing to be open to the other side of the "argument".  First, generally speaking, the Bible is not an intellectual, analytical, linear, ducks-in-a-row making things "easy-to-put in an intellectual box" writing.  It simply can't be understood that way (nor can it be understood without the Holy Spirit's help; although, reasoning and apologetic proofs do point towards the Bible's accuracy, nonetheless). 

Mark Smith here}    That is horseshit, for IF there really WAS a holy spook helping Christians understand their Bible, THEN there wouldn't be any disagreements over what it said, would there??? The FACT that there are zillions of contradictory interpretations means that there is NO ONE at the helm; NO ONE guiding the interpretation- it's every man (and woman) for himself!!! 


MANY times only SOME of the information is given about events and this is Obvious throughout the Bible; sometimes other "fill-in" details are given elsewhere--sometimes not.  This was always frustrating to my intellectual brain, but the more I know God, the more I have SOME understanding of it.  Just as ONE example of why God MIGHT choose to only include certain or "what seem to us strange" details, is if there were a hidden code running through the scripture.  I'm not even saying there is; but simply that it's a possible explanation why sometimes only PART of the information is given.  In any case, you can see SO many examples in scripture of this writing style that allows for other parts of scripture to "fill in the blank", or simply omits details we might naturally want to know, that it's a KNOWN "commonality" to any serious student of the Bible. 
Given this known fact about the Bible, that often only part of the picture is given in a particular fragment of scripture (in the end, it all fits together in many ways like a giant puzzle), there are a few possible explanations to the seeming "contradictions" you've raised about the "4 signs". First, that each gives only PART of the sign (I.e. that "This is Jesus, the Nazarene, the King of the Jews" was the FULL inscription put on the Cross, and that the different Gospels only give partial renderings).

Mark Smith here}    Sorry, but each gospel clearly says NOT that this is a part of what was written on the sign, but rather this is WHAT the sign said. You'll have to go back to the drawing board.


  But I think the fact that it was written in 3 languages is the better explanation...And that the 3 inscriptions worded it each differently.  

Mark Smith here}    It's really amazing how I can totally cover something in my essays, and these Christians just totally forget what I wrote when they type their responses.  I already blew this excuse out of the water- I see no point in repeating myself. Maybe you should actually READ my essay before CRITICIZING my essay, eh???


Even so, the Gospel renderings could be incomplete without being WRONG... I.e., maybe in one language it said "This is Jesus, the King of the Jews" and as Mark was writing he only recalled the "King of the Jews" part...  Even so, what he recorded wouldn't be wrong; just incomplete. 

But putting all that aside, the real question is about your heart.  God says we SUPPRESS the truth or what COULD BE KNOWN ABOUT GOD in our unrighteousness...  Either because of sin we wouldn't want to give up, or because of the more Bottomline hard core truth that we'd have to Submit to God if we knew He was real... That we'd have to TURN OVER the rulership of our lives to Him.  That's essentially what repentance (unto salvation) entails...  TURNING from a life of SELF rule (supposedly; but there's really no such thing as self rule anyway... Look at the different bondages in your life... Do you have control over every bad or self endangering habit?)...  But back to repentance.... Turning from a life of SELF rule to a life submitted to God for Him to rule. Of course you don't HAVE to, even if you knew He were real...  You could choose to stay in rebellion against Him. 
But the truth is He loves you more than you love yourself...  That the majority of His "laws" are there to PROTECT YOU,  with the same kind of love a Mom would have when she forbids her young child to run out into the street after his ball  (even though the child may not comprehend the danger and may feel she's "wrong" in restricting him from his zeal).

Mark Smith here}    Yes, we all need such protection from doing such horrible things, such as picking up sticks on the Sabbath (forbidden in the Jewish Bible). And of course we all need protection against women going to church hatless (forbidden by Paul in the Christian Bible). Thank god we are protected from such dangers!!!


 The kind of love God would pour upon you should you choose to find Him, is beyond anything you've ever experienced or could imagine...  It more than makes up for any difficulties in "living a Christian life"... In fact, you're willing to go through ANYTHING just to be with Him....  But even so, He so dramatically changes you on the INSIDE that many things you would've thought almost impossible to give up, you no longer even WANT to do...


Mark Smith here}    I know all about that "love". Is that the same love that motivated him to create hell??? To create disease??? To put a damn apple tree in the middle of the world's first day-care center and expect the little kids not to eat an apple??? AND THEN, WHEN THEY DID EAT AN APPLE (GEE! SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!) BURN THEM ALIVE FOR ALL ETERNITY???? Yes, what loooooove, what wonderous looooove.      Please, Valeria, you seem like a nice girl- stop being blind to the truth about this fiend (not friend) found only within the pages of the Bible. Wake up, take off the blinders, and see this imaginary being for the monster he is. No loving parent, regardless of what their kid did, would pour gasoline over the kid and light him on fire. Please, see that your Biblegod is NOT the loving parent you think he is, but rather a psychopathic monster.


I'm sure you've heard radical, born again testimonies before and I could go On & On,  but truthfully, the ball's in your court.
Love in Christ,  Valerie


Subj: Dear Mark
Date: 4/6/2004 2:41:19 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: "Kristofer Speer"

Sent from the Internet (Details)

I recently read your article about the sign on the cross. I wasn't swayed in either direction by the article. Honestly you seemed to have built an argument on conspiracy theories rather than facts. Yes you could probably find a translator in the area at the time, but I don't think one was standing right next to you at any given moment. Yes the scriptures give different accounts of the sign, but this does not mean it did or didn't exist, it is an inconsiquential thing to proving anything one way or another.

Mark Smith here}    It is only inconsequential for those of us who do NOT believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. For those that DO believe every burb & fart between the covers is "gospel truth" it is a HUGE problem. The Fundy's claim the Bible to be 100% perfect, and that any flaw therein disproves their religion. Remember- the strongest chain is only as strong as it's weakest link- this contradiction is, for the Fundies, a weak link in their chain.

 I would love for you to look up accounts of roman solders, and other people of that era, you may be surprised to find THEM writing about the cruxifiction of some guy named Jesus.

Mark Smith here}    For almost two thousand years Christian scholars have looked for ANY mention of Jesus outside of the New Testament, from the First Century, and have found ZERO. Certainly you must be aware of this???

If you look at the number of e-mails being written back about the lack of evidence on your end, you may notice a trend. Most people aren't saying "Your wrong", they're saying "You still haven't proven it." What I'm writing you probably don't agree with and this e-mail by it's nature is meaningless, but it's late at night and I have nothing else to do. Just do me a favor and debate using words other than Dumbass, and idiot. Those are used to argue, not debate.

Mark Smith here}    I noticed that in your entire email, as in most, you don't really deal with any specifics. I give specific argument after argument proving there is a contradiction there, and answer every single of the asinine "explanations" Christians on drugs have come up with. All that work... and you Christians ignore it, and instead come up with lame meaningless chatter about nothing. I may have just as well skipped all of the research and thinking and just said "Contradiction? Is too!!!" and you people would not have noticed the difference.


Peter 10-6-04

Subject: The Sign On Jesus’ Cross
Date: 10/6/2004 1:49:30 PM Pacific Standard Time

Reply To:


Hi dear friend,

I am emailing you in regard to the article you wrote
about the "contradiction" on the gospels about the
sign on Jesus' cross.

The Bible is indeed inspired by God and written by the
hand of men.

Mark Smith here}    Well, if you claim it, it must be true then. After all, the Bible says Christians aren't supposed to lie, and you're a Christian, therefore you can't lie.

1. "Jesus King of the Jews" or "Jesus the Nazarene,
King of the Jews" means the same thing! - it means:
Jesus KIng of the Jews!!

Mark Smith here}    Gee... I thought I covered this in my essay? Maybe you should try reading my essay before commenting on it, ok???

2.its like me saying a car was red with big 20 inch
wheels and you ommiting the wheels because you forgot,
did not see relevance in it or whatever reason.

3. The gospels are letters written to certain people
or churches to tell a me writting to a
relative about something that made an impact on me and
you writting the same thing in tottaly different

4. Don't forget it was written by men, 2000 years ago
in thge midst of a lot of persecution and stress.

BOTTOM LINE : All 4 gospels say the IMPORTANT thing:

may God bless you.



Mark Smith here}    Gosh Peter, I never saw logic and reasoning like that before. I guess I'll just have to admit I'm wrong and retire! Great job at refuting all my points!






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