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The Bible:  Worthy of Your Trust?

Eyewitness Testimony Invalidated

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God Is Not The Author

History or HIS-STORY?

How Firm A Foundation... of Forgeries???

James the Brother of Jesus

Schizophrenia and Personal Revelations

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The God of The Bible

Biblegod Is Not Perfect

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Biblegod The Warcriminal

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The Warcriminal

Tyrannosaurus Pettius Rex

Jehovah Unmasked

In or Out or Neit

Acts of God

September 11th Biblegod Did Nothing

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The God of The Bible:
Does He Exist?

E=MC Disproves God

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How To Prove The Existence of God

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Shopping For A God

Transcendental La La Land

Caught in a Lie:  Contradictions Within The Bible

Don't Be Such A Cretan

The Genealogy of Jesus

Galilee vs Jerusalem

Matthew vs John

Intrinsic Contradictions

Splainin To Do

The Intercontinental Ballistic Jesus

The Sign on The Cross

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Sand, Not Rock:  What Christianity is Really Built Upon

The Atonement

Monotheism Not Biblical

The Ten Commandments

Christianity Has Pagan DNA


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Jesus:  False Prophet?

False Prophet- Liar, Fraud!

 If Anybody Else But Jesus…

 Jesus and His Expired Prophecies

Matthew 24 Verse by Verse

Mt 24:34 What The Scholars Say

Significance of Jesus Being a False Prophet


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Jesus:  Resurrected?

Even If True

Evidence That Doesn't Demand a Verdict

The Roman Soldiers: "We Were There!"

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Churchianity Examined

Connecting The Dots

The Authority Totem

Twenty Percent Fewer Errors

Fire The Clergy

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The Wealth of Churches

Authority In Church Government

The Fleecing of The Flock

The Great Commission Does Not Apply

CAUTIONChristianity May Be Hazardous to Your Health

Victims of Religion

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Voices In Our Head


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We Love Our Lies

Christian Morality or Lack Thereof 

Christianity Doesn't Work as Advertised

Hypocrisy- Thy Name is Christian


The Gospel of Jesus

 Happy Father's Day

He Wasn't a REAL Christian

Evangelical Atheism

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Without A Leg To Stand On (A Message For Freethinkers)

Give To Him That Asks

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Just Say No

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Damn The Truth- Full Speed Ahead

Answering Christian Stock Arguments

Modern Miracle Workers

Atheists In America

Anti-Religious Songs

Do Unto Others

Kissing Hank's Ass

Why Beer Is Better Than Jesus

Poster: Jesus is a Liar & Lunatic

The Good News of Atheism

The Skeptic’s Prayer

What Would Jesus Do?

Christian Cults

Consumers Guide to Religion- John Cleese of Monty Python (audio file)

Geek Speak Like a Fundy

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Baptists} Once Saved, Always Saved: Always False

Catholics: Only Child or Eldest Brother

Church of Christ

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Dr. Robert Schuller: Racism By A Nose

Jehovah Witnesses

Nazarenes} Entire Sanctification = Entire Nonsense

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Seventh Day Adventists

For Christians...

Message to Christian Apologists

Notes to Christians Battling Atheists

Move A Mountain


Ex-Christians Get No Respect


Hellfire For Homosexuals and Roses

Creationism, aka Intelligent Design

The Universe According To The Bible

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In The Beginning God Was Nuts

Intelligent Design


Legalize Prostitution

Its The Economy, Stupid

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Nameless 10-14-03





Nameless 10-14-03

Subj: "If You're Anxious for to Shine" 
Date: 10/14/03 1:44:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I just ran across your webpage and thought you might want to know that there are a few errors in your use of the song "If You're Anxious For to Shine" in relationship to Christian philosophy and theological arguments. You may be a "commoner," but that’s no reason to "muck up" your argument through faulty reasoning. So here’s a little lesson in Gilbert and Sullivan:

  1. The operetta "Patience," from which the song comes, is written as a spoof of a late-Victorian English movement represented by such figures as Oscar Wilde, known as "aestheticism." Aesthetes were into art and literature and music, and liked to dress in flowing clothes and spout high-sounding nonsense in order to sound "complicated" and profound.
  2. Aesthetes were certainly not religious, but their babble tended to sound a lot like the philosophy represented by such literary figures as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau (neither of whom were even remotely Christian), who were part of a movement known as "transcendentalism." Transcendentalists talked in terms of generic spirituality and inspiration, and loved nature, just like the aesthetes, who acted wispy and spiritual and liked to drape themselves with flowers. So that’s what G&S mean when they refer to "idle chatter of a Transcendental kind."
  3. "The very dull old days" refers to the society led by monarchs like "good Queen Anne," who espoused family life and the home and hearth, and weren’t into free love and pointless philosophizing and draping themselves with flowers, NOT to biblical days.
  4. Plato was Greek. He lived B.C.E. (before the common era)—i.e., before the birth of Jesus. Therefore, he was not a Christian.
  5. The Philistines were a pagan tribe that also existed B.C.E. They were not Christian. I think you may have mistaken the word for Pharisees, who were a Jewish sect that existed at the time of Jesus, but the Pharisees didn’t like Jesus and were instrumental in arranging his execution, so I don’t think they could be called Christians either. G&S are using the term as the aesthetes did, to describe anyone who stands in the way of their fun or isn’t "with it" or is a nay-sayer to someone’s philosophy.
  6. "Apostle" is a generic Greek term meaning "follower." In context, it is being used to contrast with "Philistine"—someone who is not a follower.

It may amuse/interest/confuse you to know that Gilbert and Sullivan WERE Christians. They each wrote several hymns, in fact.

Does the fact that I know this stuff and you obviously didn’t (and didn’t care to find out) make me an "intellectual geek," and therefore, by your argument, actually INFERIOR to someone who hasn’t bothered to check his facts before posting them on a webpage for all to see? Your webpage seems to suggest that people who don’t know stuff are actually superior to and should instruct those who do and are thus able to speak using "big words" and "philosophical gobbledygook," and the inherent lack of logic in that particular statement should be obvious even to a "commoner." The fact that you use such logic in approaching a topic as philosophically inconsequential as Gilbert and Sullivan casts rather a foolish light on any arguments you might make about so weighty an issue as religion. 

But then, I'm an "intellectual geek."  What would I know?


Mark Smith responds} Can you believe this? This guy obviously has never heard of "poetic license" and instead has charged up his massive IQ to put MY usage of this Gilbert & Sullivan poem under the Geek-o-Matic electron microscope. Well, if I didn't major in literature, excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me! Jeesh! Can somebody get this man a sense of humor? (oh, I forgot- Christian geeks aren't allowed to have humor- it might prove there is something human under their iron-plated Christian facade.)

These type of Christian Quibbles are nothing more than the old "well, OUR god parts his hair on the left, YOUR god on the right, THEREFORE there's no similarity whatsoever" mentality. It's oft times used when we evil Atheists point out the myriad similarities between Christian and Pagan mythologies. The Fundies have a hard time seeing in anything other than BLACK or WHITE- shades of gray and the word "similar" seem to confuse them. The whole concept of "similar" is what these people  have a problem with. Unless the item is an exact xerox copy, they seem to see no relationships. With Fundies it's too often an "all or nothing" mentality. Which means, unless I can find a poem from Gilbert & Sullivan that EXACTLY specifies what Rev. Joe Blow at the New South Snake Handling Baptist Church of Peoria, Illinois is doing, I can't quote Gilbert & Sullivan.

Well guess what? The VAST majority of people in the world are NOT blinded Fundies, and yes, we DO see similarities between what Gilbert and Sullivan wrote, and the Christian intellectual geeks of today. And if that makes you uncomfortable, then good- it's hit home.



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