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The Boob Heard Round The World
Terror Alerts are Stupid

A Comment on Abortion
Atheism The Higher Ground
Christian vs Muslim
Regarding 9-11
Religion Caused September Eleventh
Peter Lied About The Gospel
Con Jobs
Increased Christianity Does Not Increase Morality
Out of Body Experiences
Mt Olympus or Mt Sinai- what is the difference?
Consumer Products That Irritate Me
Open Letter to Judge Roy Moore re 10 Commandments


Responses To Editorials





Christmas  -vs-  Halloween
--Mark Smith  Dec. 2005--

Fundy Christians have gotten Halloween banned from schools all across this country.

Fundy Atheists have gotten Christmas banned from courthouses all across this country.

How about we adults call it even and stop messing with our children's holidays???

Merry Mythmas Everyone!

The "War on Christmas"     For all you paranoid Fundies (perpetual victims that you are- "boo hoo everybody's after us!!!") yapping about the contrived non-existent "War on Christmas" and "Put CHRIST back in CHRISTmas" how about YOU putting the MASS back in Christ-MASS??? ChristMASS is a CATHOLIC Mass- that's why all the Catholics go to mass on Christmas Eve. If you Fundies are soooo steamed up over ChristMASS maybe you can start by kissing the Pope's ring. As for how "persecuted" you feel over all this, you'd get no sympathy from the thousands of Christians that suffered REAL persecution under Nero. Christians who were crucified and burned alive for their faith would laugh at your whiney cry-baby complaints of "persecution" because some clerk at WalMart didn't wish you a "Merry Christmas". 




New Orleans and The Hurricane

New Orleans & The Hurricane:      Aaron Broussard, the president Jefferson Parish, which contains New Orleans, on Meet The Press, Sunday, September 4, 2005, broke down sobbing. "Nobody's coming to get us. The secretary has promised. Everybody's promised. They've had press conferences. I'm sick of the press conferences. For God's sake, shut up and send us somebody."  He went on to talk about an elderly woman who drowned while awaiting false promises of help, promises of  "just hold on a little longer- help is on the way." Mr. Broussard said the man who runs the building he's in, runs emergency management, his mother was trapped in the St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, 'Are you coming today, son? Is somebody coming?' And each day he'd say, 'Yeah, Mama, somebody's coming to get you." On Tuesday,  "somebody's coming to get you." On Wednesday, "somebody's coming to get you." On Thursday, "somebody's coming to get you."   On Friday morning she called again, "Is somebody coming?"   "Yes mother, somebody will be there today for sure."  She drowned that night. For you Republicans who still can't get the picture, try this: imagine a traffic accident outside of Washington, DC, wherein the victims- the injured & the dead- were left by the side of the road FOR AN ENTIRE WEEK before any help was ALLOWED to arrive- THAT was the situation in New Orleans.   Aaron Broussard also mentioned that FEMA physically CUT all the emergency communication phone lines and the New Orleans sheriff's department had to set up ARMED GUARDS to keep the Feds from doing it AGAIN, and FEMA also turned BACK 3 truckloads of bottled water being sent in from WalMart.  America- Bush RUNS the Federal government and the Federal government runs FEMA, and it wouldn't surprise me if this whole smelly scandal is payback to the Blacks for not having voted for George W. Bush.  Every single time ANYONE has crossed Bush, he has screwed them royally given the chance. Why should this be the exception?

See the video:

You Fundies of America- YOU'RE the ones who put this alcoholic at the helm of the Ship of State- we tried to warn you- and now he's running this ship into the rocks. Deaths in Iraq are nearing the 2,000 mark, gasoline is at all time record highs, and as during 9/11, Presidunce Dumbass hadn't the slightest clue what to do- so he did NOTHING- except hide out at his ranch.  DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY HE DID NOTHING. Except, of course, he did spend one day in San Diego at a fund raiser meeting with his super rich white supporters while THOUSANDS of poor blacks were drowning and STARVING in New Orleans.  America- you're now reaping what the Fundies have sown.



On The Death of Atheism: One More Christian Lie      

According to the latest polls 14% of people in the USA do not believe in a god. Based on the current population of 295,210,462 that would make for over 41 MILLION NON-BELIEVERS in this country. That is a LOT of people for the current regime to be disrespecting. If we Atheists were a religion, we'd be the SECOND LARGEST denomination, between the Catholics and the Baptists. In fact, if you took all the other denominations and added them up, even tossed in the Jews and Muslims, there would still be more unbelievers. Therefore, when you read as I did lately that Atheism is dying out, remember what Mark Twain once said,
"Reports of my recent death are greatly exaggerated."



The Pro-Death Reality of the Pro-Life Movement?

Hurricane Katrina is a perfect example of the pro-death hypocrisy of the so-call pro-life Fundies. Thirty bed-ridden old folks at St. Rita's Nursing Home, in New Orleans, drowned in their beds. As the water rose hour by hour, these bed-ridden helpless grandfathers and grandmothers were just left to drown, crying out to their god for help. Not one of the so-called Pro-Lifer's that lived in the neighborhood bothered to bring any of these old folks along with them as they got themselves and their pets the hell out of town. The folks at St. Rita's were just left to drown, abandoned and ignored. Contrast that neglect of 30 bed-ridden human beings to the circus of national attention given to just one bed-ridden woman in Florida: brain-dead Terry Shivo. "Pro-Lifers" that wouldn't cross the street to help the drowning residents of St. Rita's crossed hell and high water to raise a ruckus for that hopeless basket case Terry Shivo. Why is this? I'll tell you- it's because these "Pro-Lifers" care not for reality but only for appearance, for the photo-op (just like a certain president), and about-to-drown old folks didn't present that opportunity. Terry Shivo, on the other hand, provided good photo-ops, an issue, someone to exploit to their own advantage. These heartless "Pro-Lifers" rushed past orphan home after orphan home in their haste to get to their "Woodstock" to show off to the world how "anti-abortion" they are. If only a TV crew, or an abortion doctor, or maybe two gay guys holding hands, had been at St. Rita's, the fucking HYPOCRITES otherwise known as FUNDY CHRISTIANS may have noticed, and found room in their fleeing cars for these old people. 



The Pope is Dead

Pope John Paul II is dead. And so is every other religionist throughout history who believed in or made empty "false hope" promises of eternal life, such as Jesus in The Gospel of John 11:26, where he promised that "Everyone who lives  and  believes in me shall never die."  If this were true, then the Pope (who "lived and believed" in Jesus) would have NEVER died. But since he DID die, the promise is obviously FALSE and thus Jesus LIED and the question to ask quibbling Christians who claim Jesus didn't lie is this:  What part of  "never"  as in "never die" don't you understand?

And for you who are all mushy about Pope John Paul II dying, just remember this is the same man who ordered that condoms NEVER be used- NEVER. Never means even in a marriage where the man had cheated, maybe with a priest and gotten AIDS, but the man's not allowed to wear a condom to prevent his wife from getting AIDS too. She becomes a human sacrifice on the altar of  Stupid Catholic Dogmas. Likewise, all of Africa: "Don't wear condoms. Get AIDS instead." In fact, even if a woman was about to get raped by an AIDS infected gonorrhea dripping from his penis priest, she wouldn't be allowed to even ask the good Father to put on a condom.  From this it's obvious that religion is not "Pro-Life" but rather, as Ayn Rand said, pro-death. So when some arrogant religionist invites you to his church...

Be Smart, Don't Start. Just Say No!


The Wailing Right Wing
I read daily the poisonous wails and barbs of the angry right wing in the Opinion section. And as I read these seething diatribes I wonder what they have to be angry about. They control all three branches of the federal government, the majority of state legislatures and a majority of the media. One would think such power and success would drive a person or party celebrating into the streets and yet all the Republican Party and many of its constituents can do is hiss, spit and honk at some elitist, liberal bastion that exists only in their imaginations and hate-filled rhetoric.   ---Sean Sagan's letter to the Editor, Orange County Register, 2/16/05

Mark Smith here:  Christianity is the 900 lb gorilla in the USA yet all they do is moan and groan about imaginary persecutions. Not one of them has ever faced a lion or being crucified upside down, yet from all their wailing and gnashing of teeth you'd think that Nero's come back from the grave and is doing round two on the Christians. They just about run the whole damn country and have the media living in fear of offending these hyper-sensitive professional cry babies with some errant nipple or off-color word. They've gotten just about everything they've ever wanted, but they're STILL not satisfied. Are Fundies EVER happy??? If their heaven does exist and they end up there, they'll probably still be bitching!




Tsunami Kills 150,000:   Where Were Your Gods?
The massive tsunami of December 2004}  Where was Biblegod, Allah and Krishna? I'll tell you where- the same place as Santa Clause, Tinker Bell and the Easter Bunny. Gods are not real- never were, never will be. Stop trying to figure out why a GOOD god would do or allow an EVIL thing to happen by sitting on his ass and doing nothing to prevent the disaster or at least warn the potential victims during the two hours it took the wave to travel to Sri Lanka. The gods- ALL of the gods of that region- did nothing... because they ARE nothing, and did exactly what you'd expect of make-believe gods: nothing! In nature, shit happens. There are no gods pleased or pissed at those people- they were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. So stop your hand wringing and if you can afford it send the survivors some help- for we all know your gods won't!


The Peace That Passes Understanding

---or---   Christianity Doesn't Work as Advertised


My father used to have an ornate wall plaque in his dental office that contained a quote from John 14:27:

"Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you. Not as the world giveth give I unto you..."

This is one of the claims of Christianity- inner and outer peace, yet what's the reality? The reality is that Christianity doesn't work as advertised.

What's one topic that common sense and etiquette teaches should never be brought up at a family gathering? Religion. Bring up religion, and you're bound to have anything BUT peace. Bring up Jesus and you are guaranteed to have a fight on your hands. The belligerent Baptist brother-in-law will be attacking the liberal Lutheran  cousin who is attacking the gay step son who is mocking the... you get the point. We've all been there to sit thru and/or participate in the fight.

IF Christianity were true, and IF it really worked as advertised, these fights and bickerings wouldn't be happening. After all, Jesus promised peace, and a peace much better than the "mere world" could ever give. If THAT's peace, put me in the middle of one hundred honking geese and let me sleep!

With all the above in mind, I ran across an amusing article that once again proves Christianity doesn't work as advertised.

A man arguing with his girlfriend over a Bible grabbed the steering wheel of her sport utility vehicle, causing it to roll over several times on Interstate 10... Police were looking for the couple, who ran from the demolished vehicle but left behind a passenger.   (Orange County Register, 1/19/05, p. News 10)


Christianity IS right about something- their type of "peace" they offer to the world does indeed "surpasses all understanding" (Philippians 4:7). How can anyone understand a claimed peace that, always and forever, only results in arguments, bickerings, fights, and even out-right wars??? Truly, Christianity Doesn't Work as Advertised.


President Bush Says Thank You


Thanks for re-electing me. You know how my daddy said "Read my lips"? Well here, read this- my one-finger victory salute to all you NASCAR yokels who voted for me! Yuck yuck yuck. But seriously folks, I noticed that you had your chance to be


from Me!!!   But You BLEW It!So thanks Fundies, Thanks for giving me four more years to muck up the country. Because of your religious blinders you were  focused on a few gays getting married and IGNORED 1,375 American soldiers who died for my lies, ignored my outsourcing of the very job that USED TO pay your rent, ignored the imminent return of the draft, Enron and ON AND ON AND ON- hell, my list of crimes grows almost daily!  But in spite of ALLLL that you put me, an economic "Captain Hazlewood" back at the helm of what's left of the ship of state. What's really sad is that you morons were so blinded by my bullshit about "I Love Jesus" that you couldn't see thru my fake cowboy swagger to the tyrant lurking underneath. You friggin' fanatics would have voted for Hitler had he come out against abortion & gays. (Come to think of it, he did!) Hey Fundies- I've got a news flash for you: There are more important things in the world than where some gay guy parks his wanker- things like me getting reelected. Yeehaaaaaaa! Thanks America!

Americans "Save" Fallujah:  50+ dead, 419 seriously wounded. Was it worth even ONE???

How appalling must one man's record at home and abroad be for you to reject him?
(The Mirror, UK)









The Passion of The Christ

Zombies Drive Jesus from the Box Office!!!     This is what headlines recently said concerning Mel Gibson's S&M movie "The Passion of the Christ" about the Christian zombie Jesus being driven from it's #1 spot at the box office by yet another movie about zombies, "Dawn of the Dead".  This "Pain & Suffering Cult" otherwise known as Christianity had a good run on the silver screen, just like many other fictional movies, but now I'd like to point out something that Christians should, but don't, find important; something they've chosen to ignore themselves and hide from others. That is, their beloved Jesus, over whom they've shed so many tears, was a liar- a false prophet.   He clearly prophesied to do his "Second Coming" before an "expiration date" had past, that "date" being before the generation of Jews then living with Jesus in Israel passed away. Well, that "expiration date" came and went more than one thousand nine hundred years ago, those Jews all died off, and still no Jesus. False prophecies can only come from false prophets, and Jesus being a false prophet should, to the Christian, make everything else about him irrelevant. The claim that Jesus may have lived an exemplary life is rendered irrelevant because...  Jesus was a false prophet. The claim that Jesus' teachings may touch your heart is irrelevant because... Jesus was a false prophet. And the claims that Jesus had been loved by his mother, unjustly tortured, killed, and even resurrected from the dead- these claims are all rendered moot and irrelevant because of the giant FACT that outweighs them all like the proverbial ignored elephant in the living room:  Jesus was a FALSE PROPHET. Jesus & his Apostles LIED, time and time and time again, prophesying about his Second Coming, and Christians, rather than leaving the religion like I did when I found this out, these Christians just don't care. Liar, false prophet, deceiver- they're just so much in love with their little false prophet, even more than they love the truth. Why doesn't someone make a movie about THAT- the fact that Christians worship a false prophet and DO NOT CARE???  Until they do make that movie, these essays of mine PROVING Jesus and his buddies were a pack of liars and false prophets will have to do. Click on the link below to read just one of my essays showing Jesus was a false prophet.

False Prophet- Liar, Fraud!


The Boob Heard Round The World

Mark Smith,  Feb. 2004

Janet Jackson showed her boob at the Superbowl- and the Christians are running around like chickens who've lost their heads, believing the world must be coming to an end. This is from the Miami Herald, 


Terri Carlin wants to make Janet Jackson's bare breast into a federal case.

Carlin filed a proposed class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court Wednesday against Jackson, singer Justin Timberlake, broadcasters MTV and CBS and their parent company, Viacom.

Carlin alleges that she and others who watched the halftime show during Sunday's Super Bowl were injured by the performers' lewd actions when Timberlake ripped off part of Jackson's costume, exposing her breast.

In the lawsuit, Carlin charges that the exposure and "sexually explicit conduct" by other performers during the show injured viewers.

"As a direct and proximate result of the broadcast of the acts, (Carlin) and millions of others saw the acts and were caused to suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury," the lawsuit says.

From the Associated Press, via the Miami Herald, Feb 5, 2004 


This is crazy. Hey, JesusNuts! It's only a BOOB, for christsake!!! It's not going to hurt you. And the only danger to "homeland security" it poses is if you get stuck in the eye with a nipple- HELLOOOOO!!!! You probably even had one in your face as a little kid- did it fuck you up for the rest of your life? I don't think so!

Look, here's a boob right now- in fact, TWO boobs!


I can hear the Christians howling already: "Ohhhhhh my god! I feel twice as  damaged now! I've never seen one of them darn things before, and now I've seen TWO!!! I'll never be able to love Jesus again, and my faith is for sure shipwrecked! Oh.... I'll burn in hell forever... ohhhh nooooooo."


I think no one will be surprised to find out if this lawsuit comes from a Fun-da-MENTAL-ist Christian. I haven't heard confirmation of this yet, but that's what I'm betting. They are the only ones out of touch with reality that much to be "hurt" by so little as seeing a boob. Them being offended, as they are offended by just about EVERYthing, is no surprise.


What IS surprising is that this lawsuit comes from a woman- what's with THAT? She's never seen one before? She's never seen her own? Will she sue herself when she does? What is her problem? Are lack of tits her problem? 

Are any of the following her problem? I'd like to know!

  1. She doesn't own a mirror. Or...

  2. She doesn't have any boobs. Or...

  3. She never gets naked because it's a sin. Or...

  4. She's a lesbian and got turned on by Janet's boob and as a Christian she feels guilty for being a lesbian. Or...

  5. She got poked in the eye as a baby by her mom's nipple and now has boobaphobia.

She claims that she was injured by seeing a boob! A woman! She, a woman, was injured to the point of taking time off from work,  hiring  a lawyer, and taking it to court- that is how much this woman (with boobs of her own I hope) feels hurt by seeing... a boob. As stupid lawsuits go, this has to rate right up there with the "hot coffee at McDonald's" lawsuit.

HOWEVER... if her class action lawsuit is due to get her a whole bunch of money... Hey! I feel pretty damned injured by that boob, and don't you also???


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Terror Alerts are Stupid

February 2004

Once again, while watching the morning news, yet another color coded terror alert has been announced by the federal government to the world. The authorities, it seems, are concerned- publicly- that a certain British Airways flight may be the target of terrorists, and are giving the entire world the usual generic warning so we can all- all 6 BILLION of us- can start running around in circles trailing duct tape behind us, screaming and shouting.

The most obvious question that comes to mind is just what we, the Joe Sixpacks of the world, are supposed to be doing with this information. You can only hear the cry "Wolf! Wolf" two or three times before you become numb to all terror alerts, and believe me, they've passed up "two or three" maybe fifty or sixty times ago.

The next obvious question that comes to mind is not just what we are supposed to do with this information (duct tape, anyone?), but what are the terrorists going to do with this information? Let's break this down to simple local terms to see the full idiocy of these terror alerts:

Let's say the local police have obtained inside information that the 7-11 at Main and 1st is going to get robbed this afternoon. Which action should they take:

  • Get on all the TV and radio stations in the world and announce that that 7-11 is due to get robbed in the afternoon, thus informing the robbers as well, so they can instead go and rob a DIFFERENT 7-11 on the OTHER side of town.

  • Keep the information to themselves, set up a trap, and catch the bad guys in the act.

Now I'm no international "terror expert", but the second choice is what keeps jumping out at me as the best thing to do. 

What do YOU think???


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A Comment on Abortion      

It is disgusting to common decency that the "Pro-life" fanatics of today would have been morally opposed to Old Testament women having had abortions the day BEFORE they were "scheduled" to have their fetuses ripped out on Biblegod's command* via sword by Israeli army soldiers. While they would have, with much feigned moral outrage, protested abortions performed by a qualified doctor in a medical setting, they would NOT have objected one bit to abortions done on Biblegod's command. 

Jesus said to Christians regarding Biblegod: "Be ye perfect, even as your heavenly father is perfect".
Biblegod performed THOUSANDS of abortions via proxy.
Therefore, BE YE AN ABORTIONIST, good Christian, just like your heavenly father is an abortionist.


Since putting up the above little paragraphs a few months ago, not even ONE chicken-s##t Christian has dared to even try to deal with it. They are soooo good (in their own eyes) at asking the "deep" questions, but when it comes to answering OUR questions and arguements, the best they can come up with is usually "It's a mystery" or "Who are you to dare ask such a question" or some other BS.
*(Hosea 13:16, Numbers 31:17)  (For more on this see:  Abortion )      


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Atheism    The Higher Ground


Swaggering Swaggart, Jim & Tammy, Benny Hinn, Paul and Jan Crouch of TBN

Manipulative emotional theatrics is what it often takes to hoodwink and browbeat people "into the kingdom" and continual reminders almost around the clock is what it takes to keep them there: crosses around the neck- crosses as earrings- crosses tattooed on; prayers morning noon and night and in-between; Christian radio & TV day and night; Christian holidays every season; Christian bumper stickers (in case you forget you're a Christian while driving you can pull over and read them?), Christian art and Crucified Jesus' all over the walls at home; Christian bookstores in every town; Christian hymns to sing whenever the mood to irritate others strikes and of course church and other meetings are oft times available seven days a week. Face it: if it was Coke rather than Christ they were pushing, Pepsi would be history.

For the record, in the history of mankind, there has NEVER been something similar used for creating or maintaining dedicated Atheists. "Evangelical Atheists" are created via thinking, reasoning, and logic; NOT thru emotional fits, brain washing, public spasms and mental breakdowns on TV. We, unlike you Christians, don't need constant reminders that we are Atheists. We, unlike you Christians, don't need constant psychological reinforcements that what we believe is right- WE believe because of facts and facts don't change; YOU believe because of feelings and feelings require constant feeding, just like the wife who needs to hear "I love you" every hour on the hour. These differences being a matter of public record, which side of the fence would YOU feel more proud to be on???


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Christian vs Muslim

Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence (!) General William G. Boykin (aka Christian Fanatic):      "Well, you know what I knew that my God was bigger than **his. I knew that my God was a real God, and his was an idol. But I prayed, Lord let us get that man."


UPDATE on Boykin:

General Broke Rules With 'Satan' Speeches
By Andrea Shalal-Esa, Reuters  8/19/04

WASHINGTON (Aug. 19) - A U.S. Army general violated Pentagon rules by failing to properly clear speeches in which he described the war on terror as a Christian battle against Satan and should be punished, according to an inspector general's report obtained by Reuters on Wednesday.



IF the good general's comments about Biblegod being bigger than Korangod were true, then HOW did Islam's "smaller" god kick Biblegod's ass in Somalia as well as way back in the *Crusades when for HUNDREDS of years the Christians tried to take back the Middle East, AND FAILED? For that matter, why did Christianity loose all of North Africa AND the Middle East (an area TWICE as big as the United States) in the first place when Mohammad took it away from Jesus back in the 600's? IF your god was REAL, this never would have happened!!!

Of course, you Christians ALWAYS have an excuse- if Biblegod wins, it's because he wanted to win. If he looses, it's because he wanted to loose. Whatever happens (or doesn't happen) you always construe this as being PROOF that Biblegod exists. You guys are worse than Cub fans. What's your excuse THIS time? Please tell me- I'm just dying to hear your own particularly convoluted excuse as to how little ol' Allah kicked Big Bad Joe Hovah's ass if your Joe is sooooo much bigger. 


**Osman Atto (Muslim Fanatic, Somalia): "They’ll never get me because Allah will protect me. Allah will protect me."


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The following editorial is from a web posting. The author gave me the link, and I liked it so much, it needs to go up here.

 Josh Gough,  Tuesday, Feb 10, 2004
Visit his own web site at:

This is unbelievable.

WILLIAM BOYKIN is the general who has recently been appointed to a senior Defense Department post. Over the last two years the general has given dozens of addresses to evangelical Christian groups in which, describing his battle with a Somali (Muslim) warlord, he has said: “I knew that my God was bigger than his God. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol.” He has also repeatedly explained that America’s enemy was “a spiritual enemy ... called Satan.” The enemy will only be defeated, he added, “if we come against them in the name of Jesus.” A few more of these and Osama bin Laden won’t need to make videos anymore. He can just put together the greatest hits of Boykin, Franklin Graham, Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell and they will make his point nicely—that Americans see all Muslims as enemies. Oh, and here is a quick refresher course for the Pentagon intelligence chiefs: Islam was founded, in part, as a reaction against idol worship and rigorously prohibits any graven images. When have you seen a statue of Muhammad?

I simply cannot take it anymore. Religion is bs. I have friends who are Christian, friends who are Hindu, friends who are Muslim, friends who are Buddhist, and friends who are atheist. I have friends who are "spiritual" and friends who are agnostic. What is it that we all have in common? We are all human beings.

Christianity claims to be absolute truth. So does Islam. Which one is right? Prove it. Both of you, prove it, right now and do it without bombing each other. Do it in a debate. Prove that your religion is correct and everyone else's is wrong. Prove it without retreating to your presuppositional frameworks of thousands of years of tradition. Prove it empirically. You only accept proof of other things through empiricism, so I will simply not let you get off with telling me that some inner feeling tells you that what you believe to be true can in anyway attest to a literal truth of historical events that are said to undegird your faith. That's not how your computer keyboard works. That's not how your automobile works. That's not how your television works. That's certainly not how your weapons work. It's not how you got to this website, and it's not how the universe operates. The universe operates independent of your belief system and your belief system does nothing to conform the universe to you. It never has and it never will. It's probably one of the reasons your groups have so much trouble conforming themselves to the universe.

If I told either this General Boykin or the Somali Warlord that my God had told me that there were enemies around the corner, the very first thing either of them is going to ask me is to prove it. How do I prove it? I demonstrate that it's true objectively. I show it to be true! It's that simple. I pass him the binoculars.

Feelings are subjective, while historical truth is simply not. Either Allah revealed the Koran to Mohammed or he did not. Either Jesus Christ physically and literally rose from the dead in space-time history as literalist fundamentalist Christians believe, or he did not. These groups can skirt around the issue all they want, but both of them operate using a double-standard that says, "I will believe in the writings of people who did not operate by a modern scientific paradigm, but only so far as doing so justifies my personal and national agenda. While doing so, I will operate machinery and weaponry that has been constructed using said scientific paradigm. I will trust the accuracy of such devices since I know not from my inner belief, but from empirical evidence that such devices should function properly. Now, in operating my war machines, I will at the same time believe that my enemies are infidels and heathens because they believe in a religion that is twisted, based upon blood sacrifice and the testimony of people from thousands of years ago." Wow, that statement can apply to both Christians and Muslims. How about that? They both are based upon blood sacrifice and the writings of people from thousands of years ago.

I am sick and tired of seeing people in the religious right use Christian rhetoric as a defense for war and I am sick and tired of seeing Muslim terrorists dupe believers into fighting to their deaths so they can amass power and money. Osama Bin Laden, you use your peoples' religion to play into your hands even more than our country's leader uses his. What I want to see is Bin Laden and Bush to prove to me right now that Christ and Allah are both active and alive in the universe. According to each, the other is wrong. According to me, they're both wrong. Neither Allah nor Christ is alive. They're both figments of the imagination.

There are some things we cannot explain in this universe, but resorting to feelings and blood sacrificial religions of thousands of years ago does not do anything to help. If you think it does, prove it. Show me how Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have substantially improved the mental outlook of humanity with their doctrines of blood sacrifice. What is so much different in Christianity about the blood of one man shed for all time than the blood of animals sacrificied still to this day in Islam?

When I say prove this, I mean prove it the same way that you would ask me to prove that I can jump off a building, sprout wings and fly. Hard evidence. I don't want to hear anything about Christian blood atonement theology or Islamic tradition. I want empirical evidence the sort of which you yourself would require to confirm that your bank account has been updated when someone writes you a check.

Now, in order for one of you to prove to the other that his view is false, you must adopt a modern standard of evidence upon which to base your investigations. I'm not thinking either of you is going to be able to do that successfully. Why? Because neither of your religions is founded upon empiricism. They are founded upon myths and the feelings of others. It's that simple. There is simply no way to prove that Christ or Allah exists and is directing or supportive of either party's war campaign. The only rational, logical thing we can do is to conclude that neither of them exist except in our heads and in our populaces that seek something to bind themselves together.

General Boykin believes his God is bigger than another's God, but how does Boykin determine this? Does he speak directly to his God? Does Boykin believe that Allah did not reveal the Koran to Mohammed and therefore Muslims and fundamentalist fanatic Muslims are in the wrong when they claim to be doing Allah's will? I want to see Boykin's postcards from Christ and I want to see the Muslim warlord's emails from Allah.

When either of you can prove empirically to the world that Christ or Allah is present in the universe, I'll be right here ready to worship and bow down. Until that day, stop playing games with the gods. Why don't you grow up and start acting like human beings and stop blaming problems on each other's gods. After all, you don't even believe the other guy's god exists.







Regarding 9-11

God Bless America! 
(But Please, Not As You "Blessed America" on September 11th!)

With so many of my fellow Americans slapping  "God Bless America" decals all over everything, it makes me stop and wonder. I wonder about the poor quality of "Blessing America" Biblegod did on September 11th, 2001, as he sat on his holy hemorrhoids and did nothing to "bless" America. Seeing how he did such a piss-poor job at "blessing" us then, what makes these God Blessers think he'd do any better in the future?

Let's say you're the guy in the neighborhood with the pool. Last Saturday, you asked your neighbor Joe Hovah to be the lifeguard for all the neighborhood kids as they swam, so you could run to the store for a six pack. When you got back, ambulances were leaving your house. It turns out that four kids had drowned while you were gone. It also turns out that Joe Hovah had witnessed the whole thing, and just let it happen. He sat there, watched the kids struggle to stay above water, watched each kid go under, and didn't even get out of his seat. He even filmed the whole thing with his camcorder while it was happening, so he could enjoy watching it again and again.

If you were to ever again ask Joe Hovah to be lifeguard for the kids in the pool, you'd be considered a fool who doesn't learn from his mistakes. Yet this is exactly the same mistake Christians of America are making with their Biblegod. They are asking this do-nothing god to do what he was too lazy or stupid to do on September 11th; that it, "bless America". For on September 11th,  Biblegod knew the right thing to do, the good thing, and he did it not.

Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, 

and doeth it not, 

to him it is sin.   

(James 4:17  KJV)

---Mark Smith  July 6, 2002


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Religion Caused September Eleventh

9/11/01} Religion is 100% responsible for destroying the World Trade Center. How dare Christians break their deserved silence on this tragedy (Q: Where was God?  A: --silence--) in an attempt to fool people into thinking that just because  it wasn't their particular brand of religion, this somehow lets them off the hook. How dare religionists think that somehow even more religion and prayers are the solution to what religion and prayers caused in the first place. That's like throwing MORE gasoline on a fire that was CAUSED by gasoline in the first place! It's religionists, not Atheists,  who fly planes into buildings, drink poisoned coolaid, die chasing comets,  hang from crosses, or allow themselves to be martyred in delusions of an afterlife. Religion is the primary cause, not the answer, of future terrorists attacks. For more information, see my:  September 11th Has Been Hijacked by The Christians


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Peter Lied About The Gospel!


    This gem has been sitting out in plain site for 2,000 years- the admission that Peter, as well as Barnabas and others, lied about the gospel. The Apostle Paul writes that

"...when I saw that they (Peter and others) were not straightforward about the truth of the gospel..."  (Galatians 2:14 RSV)

    Think about that for a minute. The Apostle Paul is accusing the Apostle Peter, in writing, of not being "straightforward about the truth of the gospel".  The "inspired" Peter, who "authored" two books in the New Testament, who was a major founder of Christianity, and who was even the first Pope if you're Catholic, this same "inspired" New Testament author was accused by yet another "inspired" New Testament author (writing under "inspiration" no doubt) of lying about the gospel- of lying about the very core and foundation that Christianity is built upon. 

    Peter is one of the major pillars of Christianity, one of the original founders, maybe even the major founder. Given the fact that he turns out to have been a LIAR when it comes to the gospel, how can anyone put their trust in a religion founded by such a liar? Or how can anyone claim the New Testament is perfect, without errors, when in public one of its authors accused another of its authors of perverting its message??? 

    Peter lied about and distorted the major message that Christianity has to offer the world: the gospel. Unless and until modern Christians can invent a time machine to go back and see exactly WHICH parts of the gospel were infected, the entire gospel message (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) is not trustworthy, and is certainly not worth dying for, much less wasting one's life for. 

---Mark Smith  August 11, 2002


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Con Jobs

   What if a group of local religious fanatics promised you immortality- that you would live forever, never to die again? No concrete evidence whatsoever is offered to back up this claim, and in fact you are told that to even insist on evidence will disqualify you from the offer. You just have to take the word of total and complete strangers. The only catch is that you'd have to spend the rest of your current life being their maid or butler- devoting your remaining life to serving them and their needs, without pay. You are told that upon your death, and only then, will your reward of immortality kick in. 

    Sound familiar???

--Mark Smith  9/24/02

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Increased Christianity Does Not Increase Morality

As one of the few Atheists living here in Orange County California, deep behind "enemy lines", behind the "Orange Curtain", I am often offended by the ignorant arrogance of self-righteous Christians. These Christians seem to think they invented, and  have a monopoly on, morality. They think somehow that if one is not a Christian, one is therefore an "Atilla the Hun" robbing & raping & murdering at will. They write letters to the local newspaper, the Christian Orange Christian County Christian Register, that spout such arrogant ignorance as "The real reason crime is so low here in Huntington Beach is because we have a large population of Christians living here"  and  "There is a direct causal relationship between belief in a supreme being and the development of character."2 This kind of arrogance is common among most Christians, as they are fed this kind of crap from the pulpit on a regular basis.


The facts, however, contradict Christian propaganda. FACT: The city of Compton, just a few minutes away from Huntington Beach, has less than HALF the population of Huntington Beach, yet more than DOUBLE the number of churches.3 If increased Christianity results in increased morality, would either of these editorial writers care to put their money where their mouth is, and take a midnight stroll in Compton amongst their fellow Christians? I think not. 


FACT:  Japan, which has almost 0% Christians, also has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Christianity doesn't cure crime, it causes more crime, as the difference between Japan and Compton so aptly show.  FACT: Atheists make up less than 1/10 of 1% of the American prison population4. That means that more than 99% of prisoners are believers. Yes, what a friend the Christians have in Jesus, and all those friends are in jail!


History shows that Jesus did not invent morality, nor corner the market on it, nor even come up with anything original. Moses invented a moral code way before Jesus was even born, as did Buddha, as did Plato, as did Confucius, as did scores of others. Modern research shows that even monkeys have moral codes, and monkeys suffer from none of the self-righteous arrogance that seems to plague Christians. As for Atheists having moral codes, Ayn Rand came up with one that even Orange County republicans salivate over in envy. Christianity doesn't equal moral, and Atheism doesn't equal immoral. Morality predates them both.


1)  The Orange County Register, Letters, Rick Ransom, 11-25-97
2)  The Orange County Register, Letters, Mark Nedelman, 10-17-97
3)  Thomas Guide, GTE Yellow Pages
4)  The New Criminology, Max Schlapp
5)  Good Natured, Frans De Waal



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Out of Body Experiences

Once again, modern science debunks another "unsolved mystery" used by religionists to bolster their claims of the miraculous. Time magazine for 9/30/02 on page 63 reports that the exact same experience can be induced by applying electric current to the right angular gyrus of the brain.  How many more of these type of things have to be shot down before you religionists & mystics get the picture?


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Mt Olympus or Mt Sinai- what is the difference ???

One often hears Christians bragging how unique their religion is compared to all the other religions in the world. To one who's actually studied other religions, though, it sounds as intelligent as "Our gods part their hair on the left, while your gods part on the right. Therefore, our gods are obviously different- and better!" In response to this type of claim, Robert Hitchcock has worked out a pithy rejoinder:

The Claim:   "Our religion is unique and unlike any other."

The Rebuttal:  "ALL religions are unique and unlike any others- so what?


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"Women should not be enlightened or educated in any way. They should, in fact, be segregated as they are the cause of hideous and involuntary erections in holy men."  ---Saint Augustine*

*Note: I have failed to find a documented source for this quote. Everyone likes using it, but no one seems to know from where within Saint Augustine's writings it came from. Therefore, take this quote with a grain of salt. Unlike the Christians, I try to document all my quotes. If anyone knows the details on this quote, let me know.


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Consumer Products That Irritate Me


Olympus Camedia Digital Camera:  D-580 Zoom

January 2, 2006}     I finally had it with this piece of shit camera. After almost two years of frustration with this fucked up piece of shit, I finally couldn't take it any more. I smashed the piece of shit on the sidewalk and have vowed to never- never- buy another Olympus digital camera.  I bought it in March 2004, and it has caused more frustration than happiness. Never could trust it. Sometimes it'd work, most the time it wouldn't. Try to take a picture- nothing. Damn thing just freezes up. Then the batteries- sometimes a fresh charge would last weeks, other times I'd get maybe six pictures before the batteries totally drained out. Then there's waiting for the focus. Push the shutter half way, wait for the focus to lock- but half the time it never would, or would take sooooo long that the moment had totally come and gone. Other friends, who bought Sony digital cameras, could take almost rapid fire shots. Not me. I'd be lucky to get off two shots in five minutes. And then there's the delay even AFTER it says the focus is set. Complete the pressing of the shutter button, and wait... and wait... and wait and.... maybe when it decides, the picture gets taken. Forget about trying to get any "action" shots, unless you're trying to shoot a snail falling asleep.  Brought the camera on vacation once- almost ruined the vacation. We lost every single picture we THOUGHT we had taken. Thanks, Olympus, thanks alot.





Consumer Review Editorial from "The Editor" (Mark Smith)

Yamaha DVD Home Theater Sound System  DVX-S100

This product, when it works, works great. Getting it to work, however, is another matter. You may as well start off by throwing the owner's manual in the trash- it's useless. A 5th grader could have written an easier to understand manual. Having written owner manuals before as part of my job, I know what I'm talking about. Then there is the remote. It is small, with 52 buttons crowded in, each button seeming to have several functions, and each labeled with text so small you'll literally need a magnifying glass AND a bright spot-light just to read them.  And did I mention that you can't do everything from the remote? Ain't that great?  Some things you'll need to get off your ass and go to the actual unit to do- common things like switching from FM to AM, or presetting radio stations. And did I mention that, once you automatically preset your radio stations, you can NEVER manually tune in to ANY other radio station other than what's already in your presets??? I live in the Los Angeles area, and I started the automatic preset process at around 88.0 on  the FM dial. I made it up to 102.7 FM, and the 40 presets are full. So now I can't listen to any station higher than 102.7 FM. Also, the TV control part doesn't work- you can't control your TV stations etc. from the remote. AND- this I found hard to believe- the idiots who built this piece of shit did NOT build in the ability to run your regular TV stations thru the speaker system, and if they DID build this in, I didn't run across how to do it even after going thru their crappy manual THREE TIMES. Also, you would think that inserting a DVD would automatically switch it over to DVD mode. Nope. You've got to go to the crappy manual, and figure out which cryptic sequence of buttons you got to push just to play a DVD. As for the ability to play music CD's, again, you would think that putting in a CD would switch it to that mode. Nope. You gotta figure out and enter in the correct sequence of button pushes. And then, good luck getting the music to come out of ALL the speakers- for me, that was another several hours in the manual, with no luck yet.  All in all, if and when you can get the thing to work, DVD's do sound great, but I would have been better off buying a separate DVD player, CD player, and Radio receiver/amp.  I can see now why this piece of crap was reduced in price from over $1,000 to under $500- they've got a lemon on their hands and they're trying to dump them.


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Open Letter to Judge Roy Moore re 10 Commandments

An Open Letter to Judge Roy Moore & His Fanatical Fan Club: Payback's a Bitch!

Your Jesus commanded you to "do unto others as you would have others do unto you"  Based upon these words of Jesus, and you being the good Christian that you are, you would certainly obey Jesus' command, wouldn't you? Therefore, seeing how you are forcing your particular brand of belief (Southern Baptistism) down the throats of others,  that must mean you wouldn't mind others doing likewise to you. And seeing how Catholics vastly outnumber Baptists in this country, that must mean you wouldn't mind a Catholic judge erecting a statue of the Virgin Mary next to your precious Ten Commandments monolith. And seeing how you're supposed to be an IMPARTIAL judge, that also means you'd encourage Muslim judges in the USA to erect  4,000 pound monuments to Islam in the lobbies of their Federal Court Houses throughout this county, inscripted with "Allah Bless America" and "In Allah We Trust". That also means you'd have no problem with  Mormon judges moving in life-size statues of the prophet Joseph Smith receiving the golden plates. And seeing how surveys have shown that there are just as many Atheists/Agnostics in this country as their are Southern Baptists, that also must mean you'd have no qualms about Atheist/Agnostic judges throughout this country erecting  stone monuments in public courthouses quoting Robert Ingersol trashing your religion of choice: Christianity, or how about a BIG plaque saying "In Atheism We Trust"? Your Jesus said "do unto others..." so be careful of what you wish for- you may get it. If you gain the unconstitutional right, on PUBLIC PROPERTY, property paid for by Catholics, Mormons, Hindus, Atheists and, yes, Baptists,  if you are granted the right to push YOUR beliefs on everybody else, everybody else gains the same right. You just don't seem to get it, do you, that payback's a bitch. As long as it's YOU, and ONLY you, shoving YOUR religion down another's throat, that's ok, but the minute someone else tries it, I'm sure you, as a good INTOLERANT Christian, will have a "change of heart".  --Mark Smith


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