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Am I therefore become your enemy for telling you the truth?”

The Apostle Paul   Galatians 4:16

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via the Bible & common sense.  


Below} New “Business Card” tracts to hand out to people, leave at the gas pump, leave in rest rooms, hide in restaurant sugar pack holders, leave by cash registers etc. The front is the upper graphic, and the back the lower. Print out your own supply with these JPEG’s at if you wish. They can walk you thru the process over the phone. Prices as of Dec 2015, including shipping/handling would be as follows: $31  for 100 // $38 for 250 // $43 for 500 // $67 for 1,000   Enjoy & Spread the Word!!!

Or, if you’d rather print out your own poster…  Click here for a PDF Printable Download